By Maxcel Fokwen

The President of the Bakundu Chiefs Conference, Honourable David Motase Ngoh, has appealed to the former Minister of Justice and current CDC Board Chair, Benjamin Motanga Itoe, to stop fomenting division on Bakundu land.

Chief Motase made the appeal on March 5, at the close of a conclave grouping chiefs from different Bakundu Chiefdoms in Kumba.

According to Chief Motase, even though the former Minister is President General of the Bakundu Cultural and Development Union, BACDU, the position does not place him above the Chiefs and the chieftaincy institution.

The former Member of Parliament explained that BACDU remains an association backed by the will of the Bukundu people and financed solely by the Chiefs and that the chieftaincy institution remains a veritable partner of the administrative set up.

“I have told his people who attended the conference to tell Minister Itoe that I don’t like divide and rule. He is managing an association. Chiefs remain the auxiliaries of the administration. The chieftaincy law of August 5, 1977, put in place by President Ahmadou Ahidjo, states clearly that chiefdom is under the authority of a Chief, who is assisted by a council of elders that set up committees.
So, every other person in a chiefdom is under a Chief. I do not have a brawl with Minister Itoe, he is my elder brother and both of us have served in Government,” Motase emphasised.
The President of the Bakundu Chiefs explained that there is no justification for two lions to be demanding for power in a forest.

Asked why Chiefs always line up to receive the BACDU President each time he attends a meeting, Motase said: “That is a case I have explained to the Chiefs. Truly, it is wrong for the Chiefs to go that low. Whosoever has created that division should desist from it.”

Motase’s comment is coming at a time when the Bakundu Chiefs are considering appointing a Paramount Chief to pilot the affairs of all Bakundu Chiefdoms.
According to Hon Motase, the issue of having a Paramount Chief was suspended for the sake of peace, given the tense atmosphere at the meeting.

In the meantime, there are already fears of a cold war between whoever assumes the position of a Paramount Chief of the Bakundus and the President General of BACDU.

Chiefs Without Prefectural Order Barred
Despite the burning issues discussed at the Kumba meeting, some traditional rulers who are yet to receive a Prefectural Order, were barred from participating in the conclave. Among those who were denied access into the meeting hall were Chiefs Disombe Nufuru and Kingsley Esue of Nake Bokoko and Kombone Bakundu, respectively.