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Strike Or No Strike, Certificate Exams Must Be Written – NW Governor 

By Chris Mbunwe

Northwest Governor, Adolph Lele L’ Afrique, has said that certificate examinations must be written despite the on-going boycott of schools.

Lele L’ Afrique made this declaration as he visited some schools across the Northwest Region to assess the level of school resumption after the Anglophone teachers’ trade unions issued a release suspending their strike on February 3, 2017.

The Governor first visited Mesaje, Nkambe Central and Ndu Subdivisions of Donga Mantung Division.

At Government School Mesaje and GBHS Nkambe, there were more than 90 pupils and students mostly Francophones.

In Ndu, there were no students or pupils in any of the schools that the Governor visited.

Embarrassed by the failure of schools to resume as expected, Lele L’Afrique summoned the Mayor of Ndu Council, Emmanuel Bunyuy, and the Fon of Ndu, Nfor Nformi, to one of the Community Radio stations and asked them to appeal to parents to send their children to school. 

Fon Nfor Nformi and Bunyuy respected the Governor and made the appeal in the local language as well as in English.

The appeal seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as on Monday, February 6, schools in Bamenda City and all major towns of the Northwest Region were paralyzed by the ghost town.

Some parents, however, braved the ghost town and escorted their children to school. These parents have cultivated the habit of dressing their kids in uniform at school gates.

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