Monday, May 20, 2019
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Students Rob Principal, Bathe Him In Mud 

 By Maxcel Fokwen

Some two students reportedly manhandled Oliver Asa’ah, Principal of Ages Comprehensive High School Kumba, September 8, and made away with over FCFA 40.000.
The students are said to have waylaid him while he was on his way to set the stage for school kickoff in the private establishment located in the outskirts of Kumba II Subdivision, when the students attacked him, rough-handled and literally dragged him in mud.
Recounting the incident to security officers, the school administrator replayed what transpired in the bushy area before disclosing how he caught one of the students while the other ran away into the bush with the booty.
Police officers have opened investigations into the matter while the arrested student remains behind bars.
The principal had just left the studio of a local radio station that morning, where he and his colleagues decried the level of insecurity around their school.

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