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Sulema’s Prophesy On Southern Cameroons Throws Activists Into Jubilation 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Apostle Johnson Soleman

“I don’t know much about your country but as I was praying this morning, God told me, Son! Limbe will become like London.”

These were the words of prophesy delivered by celebrated Nigerian Cleric, Apostle Johnson Suleman, on Tuesday, August 2, at the start of a two day crusade at the esplanade of the Limbe Omnisport Stadium.
According to the firebrand Man of God, there is a link between Limbe and London.

However, frontline activists dreaming of statehood for the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon have gone celebrating since the prophecy was issued in Limbe and are using it to re-fire their campaigns.
These words isolated from many other pronouncements he made including prayers for Cameroon have gone viral on social media.

Anglophone activists and others in the Diaspora have picked up the message to mean that God is on the verge of giving them a new country.

Even those who openly criticised the Man of God at the onset of the crisis in 2016, when he announced during one of his live Sunday Service on television that ” Southern Cameroonians or East Cameroonians there is nothing worth fighting for” have now jumped into making meaning out of the Limbe pronouncement.

These are the same persons who criticised the prophet in 2016 when he asked the nation to pray against a ‘Black Sunday’ shortly after the Eseka train derailment that claimed many lives.
Besides many other things he said and prayers the preacher made for President Paul Biya and those in position of authority, the activists have lifted just the line on Limbe to engage in their social media campaigns.

A handful full of other Cameroonians saw something different from the message which the Journalist cum preacher made concerning the sea side town.
During the August 3 crusade, Suleman in the course of preaching said, Limbe was a city of oil but its population was living in abject poverty.

He prayed for the population of Limbe, starting from market women before proceeding to pray for the President, his cabinet, the military, paramilitary, navy, police and all sectors of the nation.
He prayed God to grant the President wisdom and those in position of authority to handle issues in the right way.
The first thing the preacher said on the first day of the programme was that “peace has returned to Cameroon”.

He announced that God sent him to Limbe for a purpose. Before this pronouncement, he took the congregation through the pains of the civil war that occurred in Nigeria, stating that no one should ever joke with the peace of a nation.
Within the same Crusade, he prayed for students all over the nation and asked God to make Cameroon great again.

Never Fight The Gospel

Among the messages sent to the nation, the cleric said, the worst thing that can bring misery and instability in a nation is when those in position of authority take delight in fighting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Suleman rejected rumours that the Government was against his coming to Cameroon.
He rather said it was pastors that teamed up to frustrate the programme.

The Apostle said if it were the Government, then police and soldiers wouldn’t have been sent to secure civilians.

He urged pastors in the nation to pray for those in authority. He said, the clergy must stop failing the Government.

Suleman said the Church has no problem rather it is those who lead it that have failed others in power who are supposed to look up to it.

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