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SUMMIT Magazine Clocks Two; Celebrates Prof. Anomah Ngu 

By Ernest Sumelong

Two years have already gone by since the people magazine, SUMMIT, was first published.
In May 2009, the award winning magazine celebrated two years of existence with a focus on one of Cameroon’s finest medics, Prof. Victor Anomah Ngu. In its journey through these two years, the magazine has profiled people of different walks of life who have climbed the ladder of success through hard work and believe.

The focus has shifted from two men of God (Right Rev. Nyansako-Ni Nku and Christian Cardinal Tumi) to a prominent journalist (Julius Wamey), to two women on the go (Drs Joyce Ashuntantang and Asheri Kilo), to the prominent Nigerian writer (Chinua Achebe) to US President, Barack Obama and now to a medical practitioner, Victor Anomah Ngu.

In its eighth (May) edition marking its second anniversary, 83-year-old Prof. Anomah Ngu, in an exclusive interview, talks about his life, his achievements and his HIV/AIDS drug, VANHIVAX. According to him, VANHIVAX has successfully cured 23 people of HIV/AIDS. Besides his discovery of an AIDS vaccine, Anomah Ngu had also made a break through in his research on cancer, receiving the Albert Lasker award in 1972. In his Clinique de l’Espoir (Clinic of Hope), Anomah Ngu has received some 10,000 HIV/AIDS patients since 2005.

Also, the magazine profiles two young celebrities; Valentine Eyum Sama, Chief of Service for Accounting at the Southwest Regional Treasury, and Kingsley Lyonga la Ngange, journalists with CRTV Buea, PhD student and lecturer at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. SUMMIT brings out common traits in both men; that they emerge from humble backgrounds, they have the fear of the Lord and that through hard work and hunger for knowledge they are positioning themselves comfortably in society.

The magazine equally flashed its torchlight at two prominent Anglophone Cameroonians; Prof Ndiva Kofele Kale, who was named University Distinguished Professor by the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and Dr. Edwin Forlemu, who recently became Executive Secretary of African Capacity Building Foundation.

Also, the publisher takes a look at the three newly created Anglophone City Councils and proffers some advice to those who have taken command at the helm of these councils. He challenges Andrew Motanga of the Limbe City Council, Vincent Ndumu of the Bamenda City Council and Victor Nkelle of the Kumba City Council to use their wit and experiences to develop their cities.

The Magazine went all the way to profile a multi-talented and multi-dimensional woman, Gladys Ikome Etome, the National President of Ex-Sakerettes. Through the magazine, the ingredients that make this all girls’ association tick are revealed. Besides, SUMMIT did not fail to capture the charming moments that Cameroon’s First Lady, Mrs Chantal Biya had in the US with other African First Ladies during the first-ever Leadership for Health Summit that took place in Los Angeles.

The magazine also took interest in two musical artists; Cameroonian born but US based Gospel singer, Anita Balinga Etta, and Zahra, American singer and philanthropist. In one of the letters to the Editor, a writer says; "Every edition of SUMMIT Magazine is an improvement in its quality". Many have attested to this.SUMMIT Magazine just keeps getting better.

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