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Supreme Court Validates CPDM 

By Yerima Kini Nsom — The Supreme Court sitting in for the Constitutional Council proclaimed the results of the September 30 Legislative elections on October 17, thereby confirming the overwhelming “victory” of the ruling CPDM party.


The proclamation of the results comes on the heels of a controversial move in which the court rejected all the petitions the various political parties submitted on electoral fraud last week.    The Deputy Secretary General of the ruling CPDM party, Gregoire Owona, says the party’s victory was a result of the good campaign it mounted for the September 30 twin elections. But officials of the opposition have, in different words and instances, dismissed such claims.

They held that the so-called CPDM “victory” is the fruit of electoral fraud that the party mounted at all levels of the electoral process. They were categorical that when the Supreme Court rejected all the 41 petitions submitted by the various parties last week, it virtually validated the massive electoral fraud that characterised the polls. Ahead of the court’s proclamation, unofficial results indicate that the CPDM has 148 seats out of the 180 that make up the National Assembly.

This means that it left the five opposition parties with only 32 seats to share. The figures indicate that the leading opposition party, the SDF, will make do with 18 seats while Bello Bouba’s National Union for Democracy and Progress, NUDP, has five seats. Dr. Adamou Ndam Njoya’s Cameroon Democratic Union, CDU, has four while Cameroon’s oldest party, the Union des Populations des Cameroun, UPC, has three seats.

Dakole Daissala’s Movement for the Defense of the Republic, MDR, and Prof. Maurice Kamato’s Cameroon’s Renaissance Movement, MRC, have one seat each. The Legislative election results have given the geo-political map of Cameroon a new kink. The UPC that lapsed into a coma in the 2007 twin elections has sprung to its feet with proof that the Nyong and Nkele constituency in the Centre Region is its fief. The NUDP has proven that it has not been completely obliterated in its Northern stronghold.

The MDR that used its six seats after the 1992 Legislative elections to consummate a marriage of convenience with the CPDM barely has one seat in the Far North Region. The MRC rather had a door in the Wourri constituency which it passed through to grab one Parliamentary seat.
The SDF consolidated its Northwest bastion by winning 13 seats out of 20. Fru Ndi’s party equally sent the CPDM in Kumba packing. There is general excitement that SDF’s Vice Chair, Joshua Osih, will be coming to the National Assembly from the Wouri constituency.

First published in The Post print edition no 01471

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