Monday, November 12, 2018
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Supreme State Auditors Challenged To Demonstrate Integrity, Objectivity 

By Nformi Sonde Kinsai
The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Supreme State Control, CONSUPE, Rose Mbah Acha, has called on auditors working in her Ministry to show integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and transparency in the discharge of their duties.

She made the call in Yaounde, April 17, while launching the capacity building programme of CONSUPE personnel for 2018.
Rose Mbah Acha reminded her collaborators about the importance of capacity building for the performance of a Supreme State Control Institution, which constitutes 40 percent of its programme.

She said such trainings are avenues for exchange of values and cardinal norms, without which auditing will lose its specificity and become an ordinary and banal activity.
The Minister recalled that in launching the same activity last year, she spoke on two key notions of auditing, which according to her still constitute the backbone of their work today, notably professionalism and competence.
She stated that a new phenomenon has led the Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, to send out a circular cautioning against the non-respect of professional secrets and confidentiality of information on State institutions and public sector companies.

She said beyond these exigencies required of public agents, and more specifically from those of the Supreme State Control, she has observed a decadence in the behaviour of auditors during their control missions.
Such a poor behaviour, she went on, pushed her to talk about deontology to the auditors.

“As auditors in a Supreme State Audit Institution controlling public finances, you are requested to be a model in order to inspire confidence and credibility. You are thus subjected to the respect of norms of the code of deontology which are a set of values and principles that guide auditors in their work on a daily basis,” she maintained.
Such values and fundamental principles that must guide decisions taken by the auditors and outlined by the Minister included integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and transparency. Minister Mbah Acha noted that integrity must lead the auditor to react in honesty, in a reliable manner, in good faith and in the interest of the public.
On the other hand, objectivity would help them to avoid submitting to compromising influences or attitudes judged as such that could lead to impartiality.

She said confidentiality and transparency are values geared at protecting information in an appropriate manner and as such collaborators of the Supreme State Institution must not divulge any information obtain within the framework of their work, especially if they have not been authorised to do so.

“…The training activities we are launching today are of critical importance to the life of the institution. Continuous training is to further equip and upgrade the auditing skills of our personnel and [this] is complementary to the initial training and experience [which] all constitute the triptych of competence. For this reason, more than just a right for Supreme Audit Institution staff, it is an obligation upheld at the international level by International Supreme State Audit Institutions,” Mbah Acha stated.

She insisted on regularity, punctuality and development of interest from both the trainees and trainers of CONSUPE throughout the capacity building activities for 2018.
Meanwhile, in a message on a banner in front of the CONSUPE conference hall, it is stated that auditors must avoid to be corrupted as the corrupter belittles and always ends up betraying them.

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