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Suspect Bandit Survives Mob Justice 

By Collette Lukong
A suspect bandit, Friday July 18, at about 3pm, was caught and beaten to near insensitivity at the Lady L. Street Molyko, Buea.
The man, who could be in his early twenties and whose name The Post got as Frankline Mbah, was intercepted while stealing a pair of football shoes and a head-set from Queen’s Town Mini-Cite in that neighbourhood. When he was frisked, it was discovered that Mbah has been impersonating someone else as the identity card and other documents in his possession belonged to one Sali Abubaka who was born on January 10, 1988, in Muyuka. 
Mbah said he lives in Bonduma and only came to Molyko to visit his friend, ‘Method Elvis’, but residents suspected he could be lying since they have not heard of such a name in the neighbourhood before and said they believed Mbah could be one of the hoodlums who have been terrorising the area of recent, including that very Friday morning where a young girl was aggressed and deprived of some valuables.
An eye witness, Alice Tanyi, who also lives in the neighbourhood told onlookers that this was not the only assault recorded that day. ‘‘On the night of July 17, one boy stood besides the Champion Spotline Bar and was harassing passersby, seizing their phones and other valuables, but God being so kind, he was caught and beaten too. The same evening some boys broke into a student’s room just above my house and stole a gas bottle, a gas plate and a TV set,’’ Tanyi said further.
Another eye witness who chose not to be named, quipped: ‘‘I’m very sure that this boy is a member of the gang that stormed the White House Mini-Cite early in the morning and made away with some valuables, though only one was caught. We have not known peace in this neighbourhood lately.” He added that they are very hopeful because they’ve been lucky to get hold of three in a single night and day, which means that crime wave could reduce somehow’’.
About an hour after the mob had been taking their pound of flesh on the suspect, four mobile intervention police officers arrived at the scene and rescued Mbah from imminent lynching, only releasing him on the condition that such security measures would be taken by the forces of law and order as to ensure some measure of peace in the neighbourhood.
Mbah has been kept under police custody for questioning, even though he could do with some medical attention, given the torture he endured before the cops arrived to take him away.

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