Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Suspect Killer Of Girlfriend Arrested 

By Basil K Mbuye

Betchem in handcuffs

A murder suspect was arrested in Muea, Buea, on suspicion of strangling a 24-year-old final year female student of Linguistics at the University of Buea, UB.

Betchem Armel Ghizlain was apprehended by the Buea Council Police on June 29 and handed over to Government security officers.

Betchem allegedly strangled Elise Adele Ekale to death on Sunday, June 25, before dumping her lifeless body a few metres from the victim’s home at the Bakweri Town neighborhood in Buea.

The story goes that, after having been spotted in her neighborhood with Betchem on Sunday June 25, Ekale did not go back home. Efforts to know her whereabouts didn’t yield any fruit until on Tuesday, June 27, that her dead body was found in a nearby bush in the neighbourhood beside their family residence.

On June 28, a day after Ekale’s dead body was found, Betchem got onto her Facebook wall unraveling the mystery behind the incident and also clarifying doubts regarding his true identity.

He also revealed that he has known Ekale for five years and they have been dating now for a year.

Hear him: “My name is not Armel Bilo but Betchem Armel Ghizlain. I have never been violent towards her. I never planned to kill her. I loved her and will always love her and I love her every day.

Five years of friendship and a year of relationship; do you think I’m a cold monster? A heartless murderer? I have been thinking whether I should surrender or I should take away my own life.”

However, after his arrest, according to reports, Betchem said Ekale died of cardiac arrest. This, he said, he had to run away and, since then, he has not been at peace with himself. He averred that he made a series of attempts to end his own life, but to no avail.

While Betchem is in police custody and investigations are ongoing, the results of the autopsy will ascertain the true cause of the death of the young Ekale.