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SW Governor’s Convoy Survives Double Attacks From ‘Amba Boys’ 

By IsidoreAbah
The convoy of the Governor of the Southwest Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, Friday, April 20, came under attack en route to and from Lebialem Division.
Governor Okalia Bilai was leading a powerful delegation, with security officers armed to teeth to Lebialem Divisional headquarter, Menji, to commission the newly appointed Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Etta Mbokaya Ashu, into his function.

Etta Mbokaya Ashu was recently appointed by President Paul Biya to replace Zachary Ungitoh, who was whacked by the Ambazonia Restoration Forces in his administrative jurisdiction.
Speaking to The Post, a source in the Governor’s convoy, who refused to be named, asserted that “When we left Dschang that morning heading to Lebialem, our journey was so smooth from Dschang to Alo but when we got to Lewoh, in the exact position where the GCE Board Chair, Prof. Leke Tambo, was abducted, gunmen surfaced and started shooting on both sides of the road. The troops that accompanied us retaliated, but we couldn’t stop, given the intensity of the gun firing,” our source recounted.

Lebialem Is A Ghost Division
Our source further averred that when they effectively got to Lebialem, “the Division was entirely deserted, there were no human beings on the streets, their houses and compounds spoke volume of how much the Division has been deserted and abandoned. In fact, we were received by goats, dogs, pigs and other domestic animals. The once vibrant Lebialemis now a ghost town,” our source recounted.

Preach Biya’s Love To The People
Meanwhile, performing the commissioning rituals, Governor Okalia Bilai exhorted Etta Mbokaya Ashu to preach the Head of State’s love for the people of Lebialem.
According to the Southwest Chief Executive, President Paul Biya has heard the grievances of the Lebialem people and has started solving them through the appointment of the sons and daughters of the Division to Ministerial, Senatorial and other posts of responsibility.

He urged the elite of the Division to engage in a crusade for peace by encouraging young people to down their arms, leave the forests and come back home, so that, collectively, they can build a strong, united and prosperous Cameroon.
Another Fierce Attack On Convoy
Meantime, our dependable source also said the ceremony in Menji was business-like, void of the usual funfair and Epicureanism that often accompany such occasions.

“Immediately the occasion ended, we took-off from Menji, but while on our way to Dschang, we encountered another attack on the same spot. But this time around, it was well coordinated than the first one. The gunmen almost halted our convoy, but thanks to the fierce retaliation from the forces of law and order, we were able to go unscathed.”

On whether there were casualties in the gun battle, our source said he could not say for certain,“but with the ferocious gun battle between the military and the gunmen, few elements on both side went home with minor injuries.”
It should be stressed here that this is the second time into two weeks that Governor Okalia Bilai’s convoy is being attacked by gunmen, suspected to be elements of the Ambazonia Defence Forces, ADF.

On Thursday, April 12, Okalia’s convoy was almost ambushed while en route to Mundemba in Ndian Division to install the new SDO of that Division, Lawrence Forwang, who was his Secretary General.

The difficulties encountered on the road, forced the Governor to abandon his voyage by road and instead opted for a marmite sojourn to Mundemba. While commissioning Forwang into his function, Okalia urged the population to work in synergy with their new administration in a bid to maintain peace and order in the Division.

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