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SW Moghamo Community Receives Fon Mbafor III 

By Elvis Tah

The Chief of Ashon, Batibo, Momo Division in the Northwest Region, Fon R.T. Mbafor III, was recently accorded a civic reception by his kith and kin in the Southwest Region.

Fon bafor III of Ashon (centre) dancing with subjects

Fon Mbafor III, who is also a teacher, was in Buea to mark the 2009 session of the General Certificate of Examination, GCE. At the end of the exercise, members of the Ashon Cultural and Development Association, ASCUDA, organised a civic reception in his honour on Sunday, July 12, at the Mile 14 residence of ASCUDA President, Martin Akwa Akuro. 

Speaking during the occasion, Akwa told the Fon that the Moghamo community in the Southwest are at home far away from home, as they are in harmony with their Southwest brethren. The ASCUDA President thanked the Fon for thinking about his "children" in the coast. He assured the Fon that the Moghamo community in the Southwest are also thinking about development in the village.

The Regent Chief of Mile 14, Chief Emmanuel Ikome Ngale, also thanked the Batibo people for recognising and inviting him to the reception ceremony of their Fon. Fon Mbafor III, in response, said the pride of a Fon is his people. The Fon said he hoped to make his people more united. Hear him: "I will be a happy man if I leave a more united Ashon than the one I met. Until we think as a united force, we will achieve very little." Fon Mbafor, nevertheless, admonished some of his subjects in the coast who never visit the village.

"You should always visit home with your families especially when your children are on holidays, so that they can learn the culture and the tradition. The best way to do this is to build a good house in the village like the ones you have here so that you will always think of coming home; and while in the village your children will still be as comfortable as they are living here in the town," the Fon said. He also reminded them to think about development projects in the village especially electricity. The Fon’s visit was characterised by feasting and traditional dances.

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