Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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SW Region News Briefs 

Compiled by Yvonne Massa Ako

Fire Renders 29 Homeless
Fire razed part of the Tiko Main Market and some houses, leaving some 29 persons stranded. People living around the area got up at midnight and discovered tongues of fire licking the Street Four end of the Market. The fire destroyed four houses, a mattress shop, a provision store, a bar, gas bottles, household items and lots more. According to the Divisional Officer, DO, for Tiko, Patrick Che Ngwashi, and the Mayor of Tiko, Daniel Mokundo, who paid a visit to the site, the fire resulted from a short circuit. The DO chaired a coordination meeting to find lasting solutions to the fire accidents in the Tiko Market. The Tiko Market suffered a similar fire incident in 2010, where over 700 shops were burnt down.

Limbe Regional Hospital Reinforce With Emergency Equipment

The Limbe Regional Hospital has received equipment from Senator Peter Mafani Musonge worth FCFA 5 million to enable the hospital handle emergency cases. The equipment comprised of machines such as Electro Cartogram, ENF Set and others. According to Musonge, his zeal is to facilitate work in the hospital. The Director of the Hospital, Dr Pius Nkuo, called on the hospital staff to handle the equipment with care. Meanwhile, the Delegate for Health, Dr. Victor Mbome, instructed that the 64-year-old structure housing the Limbe Regional Hospital be renovated.

Police Officers Promoted To Higher Ranks

Epaulets have been awarded to more than 100 meritorious police officers in the Southwest Region promoting them to higher ranks. The promotion follows the signing of a circular by the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. The ranks ranged from senior Superintendent of police, second grade police officers, Inspectors and Constables. The ceremony which took place at the Buea Independent Square was presided over by the Secretary General at the Southwest Governor’s Office, Clement Nfon Ndikum.

ENAP To Get New Structure

The Ministry of Justice in charge of Penitentiary Administration has received provisions for studies to begin the construction of a suitable structure for ENAP, Buea. The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice in charge of Penitentiary Administration, Doh Penbarga, during the 24th Board of Directors’ meeting, reminded the Directors of the school and other board members that programmes in ENAP should be structured in a way to prepare students to take over prisons in the future. “Hygiene and sanitation of prisons and prison institution and medical health of prisoners should be very prominent because we want that, when the students go out, they should be prepared to actually follow up what we want to implement in our prisons,” Doh stated. During the board meeting, members were privileged to ask the level of execution of the June 2014 resolution. The Director of ENAP, Emmaculate Fonkem, said the level of execution of the June 2014 resolution stands at 95 percent.

“During the last session, we were charged with the finalisation of the logo of the school, this has been done and the logo is already in use,” Fonkem admitted.  She added that the students are now in possession of tracksuits to prevent them from cold and are entitled to wear them to class before their uniforms are sent in from Yaounde. At the end of the board meeting, some recommendations were made among which was the signing of a convention between the Government and any other country in order that foreign students be allowed to enroll in ENAP.