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SWECC Presidential Race Turns Hostile After NOWEFU Deadlock 

 Fako Chiefs At Daggers-drawn Over Candidates

 Chiefs Etina, Ekum Storm Out Of Reconciliation Confab

 Fons Teche, Chafah Still To Bury Hatchet

By Francis Tim Mbom & Isidore Abah

The most revered traditional institutions of the Anglophones; the Northwest Fons’ Union, NOWEFU, and the Southwest Chiefs’ Conference, SWECC, that have over the years, played pivotal roles in the political, economic, social and cultural life of Cameroon and by extension its democratisation process seemed to have been infected by an incurable ailment.

Political and power mongers have infiltrated the aforementioned institutions, which were hitherto marshalled by people with unquestionable moral rectitude and people, who were by every dint, considered as royalties.

The bastardisation of the traditional and chieftaincy institutions in these two Regions by some overzealous administrators in complicity with some political elites has opened the floodgate for adventurers to be crowned Chiefs or Fons, thus eroding the sacredness of these associations.

The sanctity of these institutions in the Northwest and Southwest has not only been tainted, but the Chiefs and Fons now sacrifice their royal obligations to their subjects for political self-aggrandisement and other gains.

In the Northwest Region, the conflict of authority between Fon Chafah and Fon Teche that almost left NOWEFU in tartars has not been adequately resolved. Even though the animosity between the duo has dwindled in recent months, the two custodians of tradition are yet to effectively bury the hatchet.

The traditional tug-of-war between the Fons led to the washing of their filthy royal linen in public.
As the conflict in NOWEFU was subsiding, Southwest Chiefs under SWECC have caught the bug, especially the infighting amongst Fako Chiefs over who should succeed Senator Nfon Mukete as President of SWECC.
Stormy Reconciliation Confab

Chief Etina Monono of Great Soppo, Buea and Chief Samuel Epupa Ekum, of Dikolo, Limbe, July 27, stormed out of an in-camera reconciliation meeting in Limbe, organised by Fako Chiefs.

The Limbe confab was organised to reconcile the warring Fako Chiefs, as the search for Nfon V.E. Mukete’s successor to the Southwest Chiefs’ Conference, SWECC, Presidency, takes a decisive twist.
However, the Limbe meeting rose after some four hours of political haggling, resolving to maintain Chief Njombe as the presumptive candidate to replace the revered Senator.

Since the selection of Chief Njombe, a Third Class Chief of Wokaka village in Buea, as the presumptive successor of Chief Mukete, Fako Chiefs have been at variance over the choice; given a plethora of controversies surrounding him.

Some of the Chiefs argued that Njombe, a Third Class Chief cannot lord over First and Second Class Chiefs. Besides, some Chiefs said they have more clout to decide who should succeed Mukete.
The Limbe meeting, according to the Secretary General of the Fako Chiefs’ Conference, Chief Njike, was thus convened to reconcile the warring Chiefs before the organisation of the Elective General Assembly of the Southwest Chiefs to be hosted in Fako later this year.

After the confab, Chief Njike told the press that they have “succeeded to reconcile themselves and that Chief Njombe has been unanimously declared as the sole candidate to replace Chief Mukete.
The Post further gathered that Chief Ekum’s argument that it is the turn of Limbe Chiefs to present a candidate and not Buea was discarded during the deliberations.

Chief Ekum is said to have tried unsuccessfully to convince the other Chiefs to see with him, while Chief Etina is said to have sauntered into the meeting thinking that Chief Ekum was rather on his side. But he soon found out that Chief Ekum, instead, had his own Limbe case to table.

The political cleavage between Ekum and Etina is said to have diminished their power to put up any meaningful opposition to the pro-Njombe camp. Thus, their call that a new election should be called to decide a new candidate was quickly opposed by the pro-Njombe fraternity.

Chief Njike told the press that they had decided to adjourn the meeting for a yet-to-be disclosed date, where they shall meet to set a date for the General Assembly of all the Southwest Chiefs to be hosted by Fako.

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