Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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SWELA Endorses Federalism 

By Sarah Nduma Ekema

Executive members of the Southwest Elite Association, SWELA, have asserted that the association is in total support of Anglophone Lawyers and Southwest Chiefs Conference, SWEC, call for a return to the Federal System of Government in Cameroon.

Through the Secretary General, SG, of SWELA, Joseph Moki Etukeni, the executive of the association expressed the need for the creation of a National Character Commission to oversee the decentralisation process.

They were speaking on Friday, July 3, in Buea, during a press lunch organised to fete the first 100 days in office of the new executive of the association.

Talking to the press, the SWELA Scribe presented the raison d’être of the press lunch.

“The first reason is to tell people how far we have gone for 100 days; to let them understand our point with regard to the Anglophone problem and to declare that SWELA is in total support of the Anglophone Lawyers and the Southwest Chiefs in terms of Federated States.

SWELA also wants the Head of State to create the National Character Commission, which will solve all these problems concerning marginalisation by making sure every Region is well represented to form the Government.

For instance, we have 58 Divisions in Cameroon; the National Character Commission should be able to ascertain if each Division is represented,” Etukeni stated.

The SG added that, because they are backed by the Constitution, they have the right to speak English in Parliament. The most marginalised system, he reiterated, is education with the call on the preservation of the Common Law and the Anglo-Saxon system.

“The Anglophone system has been watered down by Francophones, who are decision makers,” he said.
He emphasised that SWELA will remain a watchdog for major projects in the Region; by ensuring that there is budget tracking and auditing.

“The association remains an apolitical body; which is, politically, non-partisan and a crucible for Southwesterners, regardless of their political parties,” he declared.

He stated that membership into the association is attainable only by those who have shown unquestionable commitment to the interest of the Southwest Region because the association is out to make sure that the Southwest is liberated.

As far as major projects in SWELA are concerned, Etukeni stated further that projects which will be carried out include; the creation of a SWELA website, creation of SWELA in the Diaspora, acquisition of land and construction of a legacy monument and a Secretariat in Kumba, among others.

Some members of the association complained of inheriting empty coffers from their predecessors, thus financial constraints are hindering them from carrying out the desired projects.