By Maxcel FokwenEtukeni Moki

The Assistant Secretary General of the Southwest Elite Association, SWELA, has been fired for using the association’s letterhead to address a motion of support to President Biya.

Prince Daniel Nasako Molondo was also accused of making comments contrary to the constitution of SWELA.
Nasako’s dismissal was announced during a meeting in Kumba on April 15, 2016 organised by SWELA Secretary General, Joseph Etukeni Moki.

Speaking at the Kumba City Council chambers, Moki said as per Article 21(c) of the SWELA constitution, Nasako was dismissed from his position for misconduct.
Moki asserted that as per the standing orders of the association, the Secretary General is the only person empowered to talk on behalf of SWELA.

“Some of them (Assistant Secretaries) who are parochial and make statements, which are wrong. Like your ASG, he is not here because he knows he is already doomed,” the SWELA SG said.
Harping on Article 25 of SWELA constitution, Moki said at no point in time can the association get itself involved in politics, especially aligning to a political party.

According to Moki’s utterances, for it to be heard that SWELA is asking Biya to stand for re-election is ‘complete madness’.
Moki said in case such happens, it must be a consensus of the people and not the wish of a few individuals. He described Meme as a very sensitive Division with Kumba being the core of the Southwest Region where things have to be handled with caution.

He disclosed that at the time the press was awash with actions and comments from Nasako regarding a motion of support to Biya and the Kumba Government Delegate seat, he received multiple phone calls.
Moki said he promised to act when the time comes.

Asked on whether the sanctions on Nasako were the outcome of covert pressure from certain interest groups, Moki said he was merely acting in line with the constitution of SWELA.
On whether the quorum required to endorse the sacking of Nasako was met given that he was elected, Moki said SWELA was keen on moving ahead.

It would be recalled that in a motion of support dated February 17, 2016, the Meme Chapter of SWELA, under the leadership of Nasako, urged President Biya to seek re-election.
In the same document signed by over 15 persons, Nasako was proposed to Biya as a possible replacement for Victor Nkoh Nkelle as Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council.
The signatories had observed in the document that the City Council was mired in conflict and mismanagement.

When the press exploited the document, the Meme SWELA scribe wrote another letter stating that the initial proposal was for the position of Deputy Government Delegate and not Government Delegate.
Meme Elite Boycott Meeting

Despite making hard pronouncements at the meeting, the SWELA scribe addressed virtually an empty hall with less than 10 persons present. Over 200 chairs remained empty throughout the meeting.
The few persons who attended it were workers of the City Council. This kept observers asking whether the City Council workers knew the agenda of the meeting ahead of time.

Information regarding an in-camera arrangement by nightfall holds that a host of the City Council staff ended up being co-opted into the Divisional Bureau of SWELA Meme, while Prince Ndoki Mukete was handed the relay baton, though he was not present.

Moki, however, insisted that the meeting was part of current tours of Divisions in the Region to revamp SWELA.