Thursday, November 15, 2018
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SwissAir Drops Cameroon Route 

By Joe Ngwenki

One of the better known international carriers Swiss International Airlines, better known as SwissAir, has decided to stop flying to Cameroon. SwissAir, which is doing a reassessment of its global flights itinerary, well informed sources told us, will halt flights to Cameroon in the fourth quarter of 2012 latest.

The sources, however, said the flight schedule will at least change in the first quarter of 2012, if the route is not completely suspended. The Swiss national carrier flies the Zurich-Douala-Yaounde axis four times weekly. SwissAir has not officially stated why it intends to stop flying to Cameroon, but it is understood that the company has been struggling on the Cameroon route.

Although sources failed to confirm to us that the carrier predicated its decision upon high tariffs and poor services, industry rumours speak of a general disaffection among international carriers over the past years with the shoddy services of the Cameroon Airports Authority, better known by its French appellation Aeroports du Cameroun (ADC). Other sources said the decision was hinged on the profit motive, with studies pointing the carrier to more lucrative routes around the world.

But many Cameroonian travellers are likely to interpret SwissAir’s decision as being linked to the poor business climate in Cameroon, which international watchdogs have decried over the years. This perception will not be diminished by the fact that the former chairman of the ADC, Roger Ntongo Onguene, was detained on spectacular corruption allegations in the ongoing anti-corruption operation.

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