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SYNES Piqued By VC 

By Azore Opio

— The Exco of the National Syndicate of Teachers of Higher Education, SYNES, University of Buea, UB, branch are biting their fingers after the new Vice Chancellor turned them away from her office recently.

SYNES Exco talking to The Post

The nine-man delegation had expressed their wish to pay the VC, Dr. Nalova Lyonga, a courtesy visit on Thursday, August 9, when, according to SYNES Public Relations Officer, Dr. Oliver Njoh, they were told by an administrative officer that the VC would not receive them.

A letter to the VC titled ‘SYNES Courtesy Visit’ reads, “We are hereby writing to inform you that the executive of SYNES University of Buea Branch wishes to pay you a courtesy visit, at your convenience, on Thursday 9, August at 3 pm. We look forward to meeting you soon.”  “We were thoroughly embarrassed to receive a message from the VC through a support staff, which went thus ‘I did not give you an appointment so I am not going to receive you,’” Dr. Njoh told The Post.

A press statement issued August 9 states that “this obnoxious behaviour was very disgusting particularly as SYNES had earlier sent her a solicitation for a courtesy visit at her convenience.”
The statement continues, “At a time when there is no major crisis on campus, SYNES thought it wise to pay the courtesy call and encourage the new Vice Chancellor on her vision as promised during her installation that she will ‘put back UB on the map of history.’” The SYNES Exco say the snubbing they received from the VC is a sign of hostility.

“It is a pointer to hostility with no cause,” said SYNES PRO, Dr. Njoh, adding, “we are colleagues; partners in running the affairs of UB, we just wanted to discuss how to work together and we expected the VC to at least be polite to us.” Visibly peeved, the SYNES Exco said they would convene a general assembly out of which would grow the next step in their reaction to the VC’s “slap”.

First published in The Post print edition No. 1366

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