Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Taxation Chief Projects FCFA 30 Million Monthly Recovery 

Nkwelle was addressing tax payers, contractors and administrative officials recently, during the launching of the 2009 budget for Meme.

He said the February 2008 upheaval where the Kumba Taxation Department was set ablaze, affected recovery seriously.Nkwelle since files were destroyed, it became practically impossible to trace and follow up taxpayers. He said such frustration made them achieve only 80 percent success in their 2008 target.

However, he was optimistic that more taxes would be recovered this year as they intend to have FCFA 180 million per semester. He said he would set up a team to crack down on tax defaulters while intensifying tax recovery through massive sensitisation of the denizens on their rights as taxpayers.

Going by some innovations for the current financial year, the taxation boss said there is a change in advance income tax for companies dealing in petroleum products. He said the 0.5 percent tax on their turnover has been increased to 1.1 percent. Nkwelle continued that the scope of land tax has been broadened to affect those who go in for long-term leases.

Besides, said there have been specifications of liquor license, to differentiate between alcoholic and soft drinks in the issuance of licenses.He said special income tax on civil servants’ salaries also increased.

The Taxation Chief called on taxpayers never to use third parties to pay taxes and to personally come to in his office while paying taxes for sensitisation.He also advised the population to declare their taxes promptly to avoid penalties.


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