Friday, November 16, 2018
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Tchiroma Says Former Minister Died Of 

By Leocadia Bongben
Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Minister of Communication and Government’s spokesperson has said the former Minister of Finance in charge of the Budget, Henry Engoulou, died of “infections.” 
Without pointing to a particular infection, Tchiroma, who made a declaration to the press in the presence of the Director of the Central Hospital, the Medical Doctor of the Central Prison and Engoulou’s personal Doctor said he died of an illness. 
Though the press was not allowed to ask questions, many journalists wondered aloud why the Minister refused to name the infections as he did in the case of Bibi Ngota, a journalist who died in prison. 
Until his death, Engoulou was detained for the past four years at the Yaounde Central Prison awaiting trial for complicity in the embezzlement of State funds. 
Tchiroma said Engoulou, who was suffering from diverse ailments was getting medical care at the Yaounde Central Hospital and, whenever necessary, he was hospitalised and received care from his personal doctor. 
“As his health condition was growing worse, his personal doctor prescribed that he be hospitalised on April 7, 2014, at the VIP ward of the Yaounde Central Hospital, and later transferred to the intensive care unit on May 6 where he shortly died”. 
Tchiroma stressed that before his illness and last hospitalisation, the deceased was regularly visiting his doctor whenever his health condition required, and benefited from all facilities which allowed him to receive appropriate treatment commensurate to his illnesses. 
Reporters at the briefing marvelled at the Minister who is notorious for lateness to press conferences and briefings, but who was prompt to announce the death of Engoulou.
Many have been asking why the case of Engoulou is special when others in the same situation have equally died in prison, like Me Mekiage who died barely 24 hours ahead of Engoulou, Andre Booto a Ngon, Dieudonne Angoula and Catherine Abena awaiting trial, and have never been the subject of a press briefing.


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