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Teacher Faces Trial For “Plotting To Kill” President Biya 

The hearing of the case took place February 5, and the matter was adjourned to February 19.
Fube is currently being detained at the Kondengui Prison, Yaounde. The 30-year-old teacher was reportedly arrested in a taxi. He had reportedly questioned why roads in Yaounde are blocked for many hours each time President Paul Biya is passing. Witnesses say Fube boarded a taxi that fateful day which had two people at the back seat and one person at the front.

As the taxi arrived at the centre town generally known as Poste Centrale, they discovered that traffic had been blocked because President Biya was expected to be back from a CEMAC meeting that held in Gabon on January 30. He is said to have wondered why the authorities blocked the roads every now and then because of the President.

The teacher is quoted to have said the heavy deployment of troops meant nothing because if terrorists were to strike the President, the frail-looking police men would not stop them. He reportedly said even though he has no weapon, he could easily overpower the police. He reportedly wondered aloud what President Paul Biya is always afraid of.

The two other passengers who were sitting beside him allegedly joined him in saying that it was unfair to ruin the economy because of one individual. While the taxi negotiated a u-turn, The Post learnt, a plain cloth security agent sitting at the front seat of the car reportedly jumped out and pointed a gun at the teacher and yanked him off the taxi.

The teacher, alongside the other passengers, was led to the judicial police head quarters at the Elig-Essono neighbourhood. At the judicial police, the driver and his two passengers were reportedly forced to bear witness to claims that the teacher said he will kill President Paul Biya and four Ministers. After they testified, they were released while the teacher was remanded in custody.

By 1pm, our sources said, the teacher was taken to the Presidency where he was interrogated and forced to accept charges that he said he would kill President Biya and four ministers.
The Post learnt that the teacher’s family and friends were only able to know about his arrest when he made a fast call to a friend before his phone was seized at the Presidency. He was later brought to the gendarmerie headquarters that same day at 9: where he was held in custody.

The next day, Sunday February 1, he was transferred to an underground cell. Here, he is quoted to have said, the gendarmerie stripped him naked, took him to a certain laboratory, applied certain instruments on his body and snapped him before taking him for interrogation.
This time around, our sources revealed, he asked the gendarmes to allow him write down his statement in English but one “Adjudant Chef” Benoit, who was interrogating him, refused. The gendarme reportedly wrote a statement on behalf of the detainee in French.

The teacher is quoted to have protested against the statement the gendarme wrote but was forced to sign it. He was later transferred to Kondengui. The gendarmes later sent the case to the Yaounde Magistrate Court where he was charged with planning to kill the Head of State and four ministers, and subversion against constituted authority.

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