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Teacher Nabbed For Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old Boy 

By Azore Opio

Police have detained a 36-year-old primary school teacher for allegedly abducting and sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy.

The suspected paedophile, Philip Fon Enjewe, aka DJ FENASCO, was arrested on Friday, January 28, upon a tip-off from a vigilante group in Muea near Buea. According to the Superintendent of Police in charge of Muea Police Station, Jean-Claude Noundou, Fon Enjenwe, who is a PTA teacher at Government Practising School, GPS, Muea, lured Louis (not real names) to his residence on the pretext that he would make him a football star.

“The kid told me that Fon Enjenwe told him he has a football team and he would make him a big star, so Enjenwe took him to his house somewhere in Molyko and defiled him for four days. A medical examination confirmed that the boy was penetrated and ruptured,” said Commissioner Noundou. Meanwhile, Fon Enjenwe, who says he is also a football coach and a disc jockey (DJ) told The Post from his police cell that he didn’t know why he was arrested.

He, however, said he first saw Louis during the recent FENASCO (National Federation of School Games). “The other kids told me Louis was from Government Bilingual Primary School, GBPS, Muea, so I gave him a T-shirt. Then, one evening he ran to me and said his parents had driven him away from home…he used to come and go, sometimes skipping four days,” Enjenwe said.

When asked how he was arrested, Enjenwe said, “The parents of the boy came to my school with the Muea vigilante group…” When The Post pressed for more answers as to why he was arrested and detained, Enjenwe retorted, “Massa, don’t disturb me. I have got plenty of problems to think about…I am trying to see how I can liberate myself and you are here pestering me with questions”.

Louis’ aunt, Octave Pulcherie, who lives in Quarter IV in Muea, said the boy went missing on Monday, January 24. She told The Post, “My sister, Louis’ mother (Kepgang Tchouta, a packer with the Molyko CDC plantation) called me in the evening to find out whether the boy was with me. But I said no, I hadn’t seen him since morning. We looked for the child for three days…we became suspicious and took his picture to the Muea vigilante group.

Then on Friday 28, Kepgang’s colleagues sighted Louis, called him and took him to the CDC office and called his mother. Later that day, the peace-keepers and I went to GPS and picked the man (Enjenwe). He told us that ‘I helped you people, they would have kidnapped the child'”. Octave said they took Louis to the Buea Regional Hospital Annex but met no doctors so they proceeded to the military hospital, where a medical examination confirmed that the boy was defiled.

When The Post met with Louis on Monday 31, he said, “The man saw me at GPS during long break and told me he wanted to make me a big footballer, so he asked me to wait for him at Mt. Carmel Street [in Muea] He came and took me on his motorcycle and locked me up in his house in Malingo. At night he sodomised me.

I screamed but nobody could hear me since he was playing music very loudly. Every night for four days, he raped me…and he would tell me ‘when you big, na so you get for handle girl.’ He never fed me for those four days, then on Friday, he gave me FCFA 600, and told me to go back home. My mother and my auntie were looking for me.” The Head teacher of GPS, Muea, Grace Etombi Mbella, affirmed that Fon Enjenwe is a PTA teacher at GPS Muea.

“He is a PTA teacher; a trained teacher. We did not think he could harbour such an attitude…
“I asked Fon at the police station whether he did anything to Louis; he said ‘I did not do anything to the boy,'” Etombi told The Post. “At any rate, Louis told me that Fon saw him playing football and told him that he [Fon] would get him into Mt. Cameroon Football Comprehension and Secondary School, so he asked me to meet him somewhere and he took me to his house; where he fed me and then at night he slept with me…”

Some Muea residents said Fon has a track record of luring little boys and eventually abusing them sexually. A Muea resident (names withheld) said Fon started ravishing young boys in Ndian, extended it to Muyuka where he escaped lynching for allegedly despoiling another little boy.

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