Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Teachers Condole With The Post Executive Editor 

By Elvis Tah

A delegation from the Teacher’s Association of Cameroon, TAC, has paid a solidarity visit to the Executive Editor of The Post, Francis Wache, who was recently hacked by armed bandits.
Led by the association’s Secretary General, Valentine Tameh, the teachers, who were in Buea to mark the General Certificate of Education, GCE, examination, used the opportunity to visit Wache, who was convalescing at his home.

Tameh (standing) talking on behalf of TAC

The teachers brought him words of consolation, prayers, thanksgiving to God as well as good tidings to assist in his healing. Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, Tameh said when they learnt of the attack on Wache, they were really touched.

Said Tame: "Mr. Wache is a national icon, a person who has contributed so much to nation building as a teacher and, as a renowned journalist. We thought that we, TAC executives, should come around and tell him that we stand solidly with him and wish him a speedy recovery. "He is somebody who has stood with us and has made the world know that the renaissance of TAC was not just some figment of imagination, but something which was for real.

He has always been with us in our struggle by informing the world what they need to know. He has always stood for the truth, which is why God preserved his life. He still has a lot of work to do in this world, it is not yet time for him to die, and that is why we brought a little token for him to buy his fruits. We all wish him a speedy recovery as God will continue to take good care of him."

Meanwhile, in his typical humorous mood, Wache said: "I saw death and came back to life; it is really a miracle. If someone has lingering doubts about the existence of God, I must tell that person that God truly exists. Since God spared my life, I have been asking this question – what has he sent me back to do on earth?" Beaming, he told his visitors that may be God sent him back to collect the debt TAC owed him. It was all amusement. 

On a more serious note, Wache said he was deeply touched by the outpouring of concerns, sympathy and solidarity he had been receiving from the general public. "From the number of visitors I have received, the prayers and words of encouragement and sympathy that I have received, I already have a basket full of mercy.

This has given me a foretaste of my funeral, because, I can start imagining how my funeral is going to look like," he said. Some of the members of the delegation were: John Jaiy, TAC vice Secretary General, Vincent Musi, Financial Secretary, Prudence Ngong, Treasurer, Solomon Njuabe, John Nyah and Rojen Nfon.

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