Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Teachers’ Trade Unions Rubbish Inter-Ministerial Committee Meeting 

By Yerima Kini Nsom

Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU, Wilfred Tasang

Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU, Wilfred Tasang

Anglophone teachers trade unions have described an inter-ministerial committee meeting held on November 18 as a farce.

Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, had on November 8 created the committee aimed at seeking solutions to problems plaguing the English sub-system of education in the country.

After its first meeting in Yaounde chaired by Higher Education Minister, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo, Anglophone teachers’ trade unions that boycotted the meeting said the authorities do not have the least intention of arresting the ongoing adulteration of the English sub-system of education in the country.

According to the President of the Teachers’ Association of Cameroon TAC, Valentine Tameh, the resolutions of the committee are cosmetic and represent the fact that government does not intend to stop the “Francophonisation” of the English sub-system of education in Cameroon.

He said the claim that Anglophones can get into Francophone universities and Francophones into Anglo-Saxon universities after crash courses is at variance with the virtues specificities of the English sub-system of education.

For his part, the Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU, Wilfred Tasang, dismissed the Yaounde meeting as a non-event.

He said they boycotted the meeting because the committee is chaired by Prof. Fame Ndongo who is the mastermind of all ploys tailored to destroy the Anglo-Saxon education in Cameroon.

To Tasang, the boycott was effective despite the presence of some two civil society blacklegs from the Northwest Region.

According to him, both persons attended the meeting uninvited.

Their attendance, he went on, was not announced as they were only given invitations at the end of the meeting to cover up.

“We thank the Northwest administration for doing everything to destroy our plans and to make sure that our children truly become slaves. The communiqué sanctioning the Yaounde meeting is clear; Anglophones truly do not matter a pin in this country.

We did not expect them to honour us and they made no attempt to do so.

We are not surprised because our informants in the system had dictated almost word verbatim a similar document,” Tasang declared.

Tasang insisted that the strike will go on today Monday, November 21 in all schools in the Northwest and Southwest regions as planned.

Hear him: “Our strike will now take place with all the justification, anger and ferociousness. Parents are once more called to make sure that their kids stay home and watch over them strictly.

Teachers should stay home and be in prayerful frame of mind throughout the strike.

“In the meantime, school heads, head teachers should report to school daily and take charge of security and report the success of the action to hierarchy.”

Tasang said the trade unions are already taking note of school heads who run into excesses. He said they were also taking note of private schools trying to betray the strike action.

The CATTU boss made it clear that the unions have not recommended street protests for now.

Despite complaints that Francophone teachers are being sent to Anglophone schools to “unteach” children in a language that only sounds like English, the Fame Ndongo committee did not budge.

In one of its resolution, the committee invites the general public to the strict respect of the constitution which promotes the bilingual character of state and national unity, which imposes that Higher Teachers’ Training Colleges and Higher Technical Teachers’ Training Colleges, should not be reserved for Anglophones.

The communiqué issued after last Friday’s meeting partly reads:

“On the basis of the provisions of the general statute of the public service, and in order to rationalize transfers, the implementation of a new transfer policy of graduates of Higher Teachers’ Training College will come into effect with the current batch of students in order to correct former discrepancies.”

In an effort to find solutions to these problems, whose pertinence is well acknowledged, the committee requests all members of the national education community to continue to go about doing their jobs and to preserve a climate of peace and serenity at this crucial moment when the country is playing host to sporting events of continental dimension.