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Temptation Street 

By Azore Opio

If your sphincter valves are week, then don’t attempt to visit Temptation Street downtown Molyko, or if you can, leave your family treasury box at home, to be on the safe side. If you have a weak heart or you are hypertensive, then carry your pills along if you are bound for Temptation Street.

This day was just another day. I had had enough of the keyboard, the flat screen and the lousy mouse. And papers. That was why at 5 pm, I said enough was enough, shut down and went to Temptation Street, downtown Molyko. To romance myself.

She came. Under her tight mini-skirt she was a small-waisted creature with vibrant breasts and healthy bums. She looked experienced in sin. Today, she brought her friend, Shary. But the first girl that took my breath away and turned my attention away from Glory and Shary walked up the street. She had dark lovely skin, ample breasts… a statuesque diva with a round face and soft eyes. She wiggled her bums and we all gaped at her as she cat-walked the tarmac and was swallowed in the crowd now building up as the sun sailed over the mountain top.

Shary is tall, voluptuous and more than a fantasy to behold; front and back. She packs a horse power in her thighs. She is a damn fine-arsed girl, Shary is. What melts your heart straightaway is her baby black eyes. She was sitting between Glory and me. Then Glory dropped her purse and bent to pick it under the table. Shary quickly squeezed and caressed the inside of my thigh and smiled.

She always gives me this wanton gleam when Glory isn’t watching. When Glory finally raised her head, Shary was gazing off at the busy street. Acting like nothing passed between us. Like I wasn’t there. A fat and round girl in a short round skirt sauntered down the street and a man sitting at table next to ours remarked to his friend, "see bia-bia for yi head, yi chin and yi foot… "Den how for yi Bonaberi?"

Another one came along in black leggings that highlighted her curves and contours, dark blue sleeveless blouse with wide stiff collar. Her breasts spilled over the blouse and peeped under her armpits like grapefruits. The mesh on her head jutted wildly like she was the Queen of Etoudi. Silver bracelets.

They laughed. I chuckled with them. Then a real knockout emerged from a side street; the street leading out of Lady L Hotel. She had on the tightest mini there was on Temptation Street that evening. Stiletto high heels clipped on tarmac like she was stepping on eggshells.

Her fingers adorned with half a dozen imitation gold rings.  This one had more breasts, thighs and legs than a bag of potatoes from Nso. She shattered my philosophy that personality and character rather than looks keep my head close to the bosom of a woman. Slowly, she wiggled her hips from side to side, moved with the rhythm of a shark hunting and settled at a table behind ours.

"Stop acting like nothing is going on between us," Shary said as soon as Glory left to buy ‘burning’ fish.
"Shary, look," I said "Glory is my girl; she gets on my nerves from time to time, yes…"
"Thank God, you aren’t the only one sleeping with her. How long do you think you are going to handle that?"
I sat up and said, "I’ll play along."

"I feel you; the way you look at me." "You peep too," I said, looking furtively about. I was aware that I was about to start hunting out of season, "In fact, you stare." Sharly said, "You are a good-looking man." "You are a beautiful girl too." The recipe was on the table. I rose to go and wee. The one who had more breasts, thighs and legs winked at me. I winked back.

When I got back to the table, Shary said, "I would give anything to see you alone." A secret love was in the making. I felt carnal. My flesh and blood boiled and craved for the other flesh and blood. Glory came back with three fish, miondo and pepper wrapped in plastic paper. We disfigured the fish, munched the miondo. Licked the pepper. And washed down the entire dinner with good wine. Finca del Mar. I went to pee again.

"Let’s just step behind there," Breasts and Thighs hissed in my ear.
"I am already getting wet thinking about you right now."
"Like a bowl of soup. What do you suggest?"
My blood pressure rose 180. My blood was reaching boiling point. I felt like a ball of fire.
"What’s the longest time you have been without a man?"

"Oh, I just love having sex. Look here, my cards are on the table face up. Are you playing?"
I grew quiet, like I was considering, contemplating the proposed card game. I envisioned her powerful legs and thighs wrapped around me, her curved hips rising sand falling while I grooved in and out of the valley. The thought made me warm. Quite warm. My pulse quickened. It was time to wee, put back my hardened head of state into the safety of my fly and get out before this girl raped me.

"…tells me you have some serious skills. If it’s half as magical as she describes them, then I want to have some of the wand too. You don’t have any idea how bad I want you. When it’s over, I’ll pretend it never happened," Shary said and looked like she was very lonely and broken-hearted.

Glory was selecting another bottle of wine. Inside the bar. Finca del Mar was out of stock now.
"I need to hook up with you during the week, baby. I need to see you," I read the SMS later as I tucked in for the night.

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