Term of Use

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  • Bloggers will be granted administrative rights on our website to post and update their blogs. It is a very simple process and we will provide you with a tutorial on using this platform.
  • By filling the application form, you accept – in the event that your application is granted – not to publish falsehoods, libellous material, and indecent language/images as well as not to plagiarize or use copyrighted material without authorization. After you make a blog post, Cameroonpostline.com reserves the right to take it down if it violates the above conditions. A blog post may equally be edited for language.
  • As a blogger, you accept not to request financial compensation from Cameroonpostline.com for your posts or incidental expenses.
  • To be a blogger does not qualify anyone as a staff member or representative com and bloggers are hence forbidden to pose as representatives of Cameroonpostline.com and shall not enter into any contracts on behalf of Cameroonpostline.com.
  • com reserves the right to use materials published on blogs as it sees fit.
  • Both the blogger and Cameroonpostline.com have the right to terminate a blog at any time. The decision to terminate a blog must be communicated to the other party immediately.