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‘The City Boys’ Get CMF National Rally First Prize 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

The Christian Men Fellowship, CMF, of the Presbyterian Church, PC Bonamoussadi congregation, Douala V, aka The City Boys, were recently awarded the first prize of the 2009 national rally of the CMF. The prize award ceremony which took place at PC Bonamoussadi was presided at by the National President of CMF, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle. The prize consists of the CMF national flag and a certificate. 

Nico Halle congratulated the group for their brilliant performance at the 2009 rally at which they emerged first in general classification, among the over 700 CMF groups that participated.
He challenged The City Boys to keep up the spirit. He said the victory of the CMF group was also a victory for all the groups in PC Bonamoussadi as well as the entire congregation. 

He, however, expressed his disapproval that the CMF national flag was being handed to the 2009 laureate in October 2010, which is just a couple of weeks to the next annual rally.
A message of congratulation from the National Secretary of Men`s Work, Lay Training and Evangelism, Rev. Joe Set Aji-Mvo, who was reportedly out in the US for church work was read at the ceremony.

Meanwhile, in his speech, the Vice President of the CMF group of PC Bonamoussadi, Gasper Konneh, recalled that the group was founded in 1989 and was inaugurated in 1991. He said that same year The City Boys participated in their first every rally, and emerged first in singing, as well as the overall first.

"In fact, The City Boys have participated in 21 annual rallies all together. During the period, when rally results were proclaimed at the Presbytery level, we emerged overall first 12 out of 16 participations. Then, since the introduction of the grading of rally results at the national level in 2005, we have won the National Flag three times out of five. We want to believe that the National Secretariat takes cognizance of the fact that this record entitles us to now keep the print of the flag permanently here in PC Bonamoussadi," Konneh said.

Konneh went on to express the gratitude of the CMF group to patrons and patronesses, as well as the entire congregation of PC Bonamoussadi for their constant support and prayer for the group. He assured that in spite of the series of victories, The City Boys have not yet said their last word in the CMF national annual rally. The CMF Bonamoussadi group used the opportunity to submit to their National President some proposals.

The proposals read: We will [would] like the hierarchy of the PCC to look into the programming and time slot set aside for the dedication of new members, to ensure the Groups are given the opportunity to appropriately evangelize and fish for more members; [we] call on the CMF national leadership to pay more attention to the perennial problem of backsliders, and issue national guidelines on how groups can effectively mange it.

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