Friday, November 16, 2018
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The Mayor And The Naked Photographer 

By Barnabas Mbonde

Buea, the town of legendary hospitality, is smelling thick of titillating sex scandals – one acted on the stage of the Life Transformers Ministry temple, the other; staged in a hotel room?


The social media networks; facebook, whatsapp… have been tumbling after the Mayor of Buea and an obscure nude photographer. In the photograph, the Honourable Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge, is the central character, if not the super star. And the nude photographer is the supporting actor.
What’sup indeed? It seems Mayor Ekema was more than hospitable as the photograph, posted on social media, suggests.

It was bad enough when the digital social media published an uncutphotograph of the Mayor taken in a room with a hand washbasin and a wall mirror in the background. Both objects provided depth to the photograph. But since mirrors don’t lie, this particular wall mirror provides more depth than the Mayor or the photographer might have bargained for.

The mirror narrates a more realistic story of the room, and perhaps the state of affairs before, during and after the snapshot, that is sure to become an explosive romantic classic. The picture is captivating mostly because of the sexily dressed photographer reflected in the wall mirror.
A lucky shot indeed.

The photographer treated the picture well too. She placed her subject at an acute angle to give room for background and depth. The timing and lighting couldn’t have been better.
It is bad news for the couple in the picture especially for the star of the picture, who is posing for the eye of the camera, but good news for the sewage journalists.

The Mayor of Buea is at the centre of what could be described as the most bizarre episode of his political career. The incredible thing about all this wahalla is the choice of the medium to broadcast Mayor Ekema’s sleazy side – the digital social media network powered by the hyper-fast internet.

That reflected picture, while it might have massaged the ego of its poster and fired the concupiscence of the subject, also opened the floodgates of the social media septic tank, which released an aggressive tide of comments sluiced across the social media reef; “Ekema is in the garden of Eden,” “the young lady in the picture is trading sex for employment”, “This is what happens when a country is run by political entrepreneurs”, “Ekema and wife assaulted the woman who posted the picture,” and all the like.

From the look of the Mayor’s personal life issues, as they are instantly posted on social media without regard to the executive’s privacy, one is compelled to think that Ekema’s close collaborators are mixed with saboteurs who want to cut him at the knees, give him a bad name and eventually hang him.
Nevertheless, some of his collaborators might be doing this, believing, erroneously, that they are doing a great job for their generous boss; they would not imagine that they are practically washing his dirty linen at the public stand tap.

What else can anyone imagine about the Mayor hiring buses to transport Council workers on a working day to pick up his wife and a newborn baby from Douala International Airport, according to postings on the social media? The Mayor’s wife was reportedly returning from the US where she had travelled to deliver the baby. How does this play on the taxpaying public?

His public relations unit might have thought it is doing the Mayor good, by putting a videograph, on the social media, of the Mayor offering his wife a brand new Mercedes jeep (4MATIC?) for having delivered his baby in Barack Obama’s country. Since the Mayor did not complain, it is assumed that he is pleased with his spin doctors.

The naked photographer has not only denuded the Mayor’s libidinous and flamboyant side. A couple of years ago, the media reported that he pointed a gun at a taxi driver in Buea. Now, the social media has reported that the Mayor is threatening to sue all the social media journalists.

One is left wondering if the social media reporters should not begin to distinguish between the private life of the landlord of Buea and public concerns.

The Mayor and his collaborators could also do well to differentiate private “pubic” matters from public affairs, and stop feeding the public with obnoxious “news” rather than issues that interest and affect the taxpayers who sustain the council financially.

The Buea taxpayer would like to know the state and quality of water supply, regular electric power, security, the salubrity of the municipality and not the private celebrity of its Mayor; the level of healthcare, schools and all the other social amenities, which are the reciprocal responsibility of a Council.

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