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Thieves Rob Northwest Mission Schools Of Over FCFA 40M 

By Edwana Ndong & Ancel  Langwa* — Banditry in Bamenda is on the rise again. As schools resumed last week, the rate of banditry has increased, with some mission boarding schools being attacked.
Sacred Heart College Mankon, September 3, was attacked by armed bandits between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. According to the Principal of Sacred Heart College Mankon, Rev. Father Michael Kintang, he was in his office and was about leaving for his house when the men of the underworld attacked. 

Sources say the bandits, aged between 23 and 25, sat among parents as if they were queuing-up to pay school fees.  Little did the administration know that these men had come to collect the fees. The thieves are reported to have been five in number and carrying guns which they fired ordering the parents and students to lie on the ground and surrender the money they had on them.

The reports say, three of the bandits walked into the Bursar’s office and asked her to given all the money she had collected. The new bursar, Yvette Lafen, who had been piling the money received in a box, had no choice but to hand over the money to the thieves at gun point. The thieves are said to have collected a sum of FCFA 30 million and disappeared into the bushes before security forces could reach the campus. Scared, some of the students are said to have run out of the gate because of the gun shots.

The case in Sacred Heart is the same for St. Joseph Comprehensive High School, Mbengwi, where, on Saturday, September 1, the Principal got to his office in the morning to find the whole place ransacked and the sum of about FCFA 500.000 that had been collected, including the office laptop, were gone. The Principal is reported to have had FCFA 6 million, but had kept it elsewhere.

In less than three days, the thieves attacked the campuses of Presbyterian Secondary School Nkwen and vamoosed with FCFA 3.5 million; Baptist High School where they made away with a relatively smaller amount, and Presbyterian High School, PHS Mankon, where they broke in through the wall leading to Treasurer’s office but there was no money there.
*UB Journalism Students On Internship

First published in The Post print edition no 01374

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