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Thousands Bury Wamey-The Teacher, The Journalist 

By Chris Mbunwe

Thousands of people thronged Mbinon Village in Noni Subdivision in Bui, Northwest Region, February 7, to lay to rest Pancrasius Wamey Nyonufon, a teacher and reporter.
Eight priests, joined the Chief celebrant, Rev Father Polycarp Yukeng, in a three-hour requiem mass that had in attendance the Divisional Officer of Noni Subdivision, Divine Nkwelle Ngome, the Mayor of Nkor, Francis Wache, and Gendarmerie Brigade Commander, including traditional and religious authorities.

In an incisive homily at the St. Elizabeth Catholic Church Mbinon, Rev. Yukeng, said Pancrasius, fondly known as Panky, was a precious instrument of peace during his short stay on earth as a Christian, teacher and journalist. He urged Christians to emulate Wamey’s exemplary life as they prepare to follow him whenever God calls.

“For what is certain after birth is death, but the mystery is that nobody knows not when he or she will die”.

The Principal of GBHS, Sabongari, Timothy Menyong, where Panky taught only for two months before his demise, said he was one of the best lone Literature and English Language Teachers they had and the vacuum he created will be difficult to fill.
The Mission Council Chairman of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church Mbinon, John Ndi Yengong, enumerated key projects and an expensive religious statue that Wamey assisted the church with, as proof that he was an active Christian of strong faith.
One of the closest persons to Panky,

Mayor Francis Wache, who is also the Executive Editor of The Post Newspaper lamented: “I worked with Panky on December 23, 2014, on the maiden edition of the Council Magazine and as we separated in the evening, I only saw a little note he scribbled informing me that he would resume work on December 29 and that was all about it. He never cam back,” Wache lamented. I found Panky to be a very energetic, dynamic and enterprising young man. As far as the Noni people of his generation are concerned, it will be difficult to find someone to fit his shoes. It is a great loss to his family, teachers and the media world. It is a big, big loss” Wache lamented.

Another person who will bear the pains of Panky’s departure is his wife, Catherine Wamey. In her grief she asked who will take care of the children and why the sudden and swift departure.
“I wonder how I am going to bear the pain. The only thing I loved in this world has been taken away from me,” she sobbed.

The family head of Wamey,Benjamin BimelaTameh, said a great errand boy and life wire of his compound has been devoured by a lion. He thanked mourners who braved the bad roads to Mbinon to bury his son. He said it is unbelievable that Wamey buried his father last year and followed him this year.

The National Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Teachers’ Trade Union, CATTU, Wilfred Tassang, described his fallen comrade as a fighter who served his nation tirelessly for little rewards.

Bio Data

Born on September 2, 1970, into the family of Pa Thomas Yangsi (of blessed memory), Panky’s brilliant performance from primary to the University of Yauonde and ENS Bambili, where he graduated as a trained English Language Teacher, laid a solid foundation for a promising career. Upon graduation from ENS Bambili, he was posted to GHS Furu-Awa in Menchum Division. He was later transferred to: GBHS Santa, GBHS Nkambe, GBHS Misaje, where he was appointed Vice Principal in 2010. Due to his excellent performance, he was appointed Principal of GSS Mbande in Ako Subdivision in September 2014. His stint as Principal was short-lived – just six months –reportedly due to political victimisation orchestrated by some overzealous politiciansof the area, whoare said to have quickly reversed the decision because Panky expressly showed sympathy for the leading opposition party, the SDF.

late Panky Wamey in his Hey days. a

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