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Thousands Feed On Blessed Bananas At Easter 

By Daniel Gwarbarah

About 3000 people over the weekend at the Yaounde Bureau Lumière spiritual clinic, fed on blessed bananas and took some home for their loved ones as part of activities to mark this year’s Easter celebrations.

Corss-section Of women waiting for their bananas to be blessed

The bananas which were blessed with water sprinkled by the spiritual leader of the clinic, Prophetess Marie Lumière, was in its 35th edition. One Mrs. Gladys Ndenkeh, who said she is one of the spiritual queens of the clinic, told The Post that the event is referred to as the resurrection feast and takes place every year on the last Saturday before Easter Sunday. On the significance of the banana, she explained that when Jesus was on earth, many bitterly contested and despised him.

"He suffered and was crucified for our sake, rose from the death after three days and today just the mentioning of His name is as sweet as banana," Mrs. Ndenkeh narrated. She said the feast of benediction of the banana has been going on since 1975 when the late Pérè Soffo founded Bureau Lumière. According to Ndenkeh, the blessed banana has positive spiritual impact on the lives of the brethrens.

In a message at the occasion, Marie Lumière called on all to pray without ceasing for pastors and priests to enable them remain strong in faith in order to better bring up the Christians. She observed that many pastors and priest across the world have fallen into the temptation of joining occultism and are consequently luring their Christians into joining the groups as well while others are abusing children sexually.

Lumière stated that many young people are dying today because of their quest to get rich faster and as such are easily lured into joining groups that practice occultism. She talked of some young people before her for prayers and deliverance from occultic practices where they were instructed to eat their own human waste in order to get rich at prime. Another case under the same condition to become a musician was also cited by the Prophetess.

Making allusion to the Biblical Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ, she stated that people who have unquenchable taste for riches are likely to sell their close ones for money.  "The young need to be careful and patient because the future of every society depends on today’s youth. Strengthen your faith with God’s word and you will be filled with the Holy Spirit that would lead you to love one another," the spiritual women declared to the crowd.

She said Christ died a shameful death for mankind and would ever remain rejoiced if the brethrens are living by the word of God. She cautioned that Christian must be very prayerful and vigilant at all times in order to withstand the temptation of Satan whose work is to capture and divert people away from God. Many people visibly suffering from all sorts of ailments attended the banana benediction feast.

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