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Tiko Airport Project To Gulp FCFA 3 Billion 

By Francis Tim Mbom

The Mayor of Tiko, Daniel Moukondo, has disclosed that the rehabilitation of the Tiko Airport and its transformation from a category C to a category B aerodrome will swallow FCFA 3 billion.
The Mayor was speaking to The Post on Thursday, July 9, after a meeting with the Evaluation Commission of the Airport rehabilitation project.

According to Moukondo, the Evaluation Commission would file its findings to the Government before July 16, 2015.

The Commission, set up by the Government and headed by the Fako SDO, Zang III, has, for the past one month, been surveying the Airport area and all those living within its vicinity.

Going by the marks that the Commission has placed on all the buildings in this area, residents of the Airport vicinity are very likely to be forced to make way for space.

“Since the Government wants to increase the size of the Airport, it is clear that more land will be needed. So, even those living within the Mungo New Layout area will certainly move,” Mayor Moukondo said.

The Post gathered that the project will, from the Commission’s findings, need some 213 hectares of land. Mayor Moukondo said the Commission has been trying to see, “how many houses are actually on this site, how many occupants per household and what it will cost to demolish these houses.”
From the above, it can be inferred that the Government will not just throw these occupants to the streets as it is being mooted.

But Mayor Moukondo said their mission was to evaluate all the possibilities, determine the social cost and consequences and present their findings to the Government in order to enable her take a more or less pro-people decision at the end.

On most occasions, some Government officials have often described those living in this area as guilty of having encroached onto the Airport land.

But Moukondo admitted that there are some individuals who deliberately encroached onto the Airport land, while others were living in an area ceded to them by the Government as a resettlement area. The Governor of the Southwest Region, Moukondo said, was once confronted by the people of the Mungo Native with their plight, during one of his visits to the area.

According to the Mayor, the inhabitants of Mungo complained to the Governor about incessant floods caused by the overflow of the Mungo River. In order to solve this problem, Moukondo went on, the Governor ordered that the area around the Airport, which was then occupied by CDC rubber trees, should be given out as resettlement area for the Mungo flood victims.

“This land was ceded by the Government to the Mungo people for resettlement… I have seen so many letters and correspondences to the Governor, the SDOs, to this effect,” Moukondo added.
“So, not everybody on this Airport land is an illegal occupant. Some of them are the Mungo flood victims that were resettled here,” the Mayor stated.

The rehabilitation works on the Tiko airstrip is just one of the many projects that the Government is carrying out in preparation to host the 2016 and 2019 African Cup of Nations.

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