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Tiko Mayor Is Square Peg In Square Hole – Fako SDO 

By Francis Tim Mbom

CameroonPostline.com — Applauds from SDF militants and the Tiko public rented the air on November 23 when Fako SDO, Zang III, congratulated the newly elected SDF Mayor of the Tiko Municipality.

"You are a Square Peg in a square hole," Zang III said as he officially commissioned Daniel Ngande Mokoundo as the new Mayor. Mokoundo was decorated with his Mayoral sash alongside his four deputies: Joseph Eloundou as First; Blaise Tita Tingong as second; Buema Enjema as third and Moses Tantang as the fourth.

“I want to congratulate you sincerely for your brilliant election," Zang said. His words of congrats came after he had examined the profile of the new Mayor, Mokoundo, and came to the conclusion that Mokoundo’s election on October 16th as the new Mayor of Tiko was not in error. Zang III noted that Mokoundo, born in 1966 at Misselele in Tiko, has once had a stint for three years as Mayor of Tiko. Mokoundo, who is a holder of an undergraduate Diploma in Development Studies from the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria, is presently a businessman.

It was based on the above that the SDO found Mokoundo apt for the task entrusted to him.
Zang instructed Mokoundo to do all it takes to cause all the trucks that transport sand from the Mungo down to the Tiko Port to pay for the rehabilitation of the Tiko Port road that is in a state of disrepair. The former Mayor of Tiko, Tita Fonmbon, had battled to have the truck drivers pay but to no avail. The SDO insisted that the road must be repaired with funds generated from taxes paid by those using the road to ship sand to Equatorial Guinea via the Tiko wharf.

He also asked Mokoundo and his deputies to ensure that the population of Tiko shall have access to good drinking water, roads and other basic amenities. Zang urged him to construct a new Motor Park in a newly acquired parcel of land at Misselele, on the way to Douala. The new Mayor was also called upon to ensure a proper distribution of stalls in the Tiko Market, fight against illegal sales of land and ensure cleanliness of Tiko, especially as the visit of the Head of State is barely weeks away.

"Always remember that democracy is aimed at bringing development to the people," Zang admonished. He assured Mokoundo of his readiness to collaborate with him at all times. He also urged the deputies and all the councillors to ensure ample collaboration else the Mayor, alone, cannot succeed. Mayor Mokoundo was offered royal blessings by the chiefs of Tiko among them Chief Kalla of Misselele who said they were "exhorting our son to work hard."

SDO Fails To Dine

The commissioning ceremony went on well, but when it came to the hour for refreshment that had been scheduled at the CDC SS Club, the SDO had to call his entire entourage to quit when he arrived the club and food was not yet set. As he and his team were scuttling out of the hall, there were some women flying in with dishes of food. But it was already too late. Zang had gone.

CDC GM Present; 3813 Absent

The installation was attended by some dignitaries such as the General Manager of the CDC, Frankline Ngoni Njie. He was the Campaign Manager of the CPDM in Tiko that lost the election to the benefit of Mokoundo and his SDF party. But the outgoing, Mayor, Richard Tita Fonmbon, was no where to be found. "I don’t know why he is absent," the SDO wondered aloud during his speech.

Detained Lawyers

The other ugly side of Mayor Mokoundo’s installation was the unfortunate detention of three prominent lawyers of the Cameroon Bar Association by the DO of Tiko, Patrick Che. The President of the Fako Lawyers Association, according to Barrister Stanislaus Ajong, who fought for their release after some few hours behind the bars, was that Barrister Tumnde obstructed the SDO’s convoy while the Fako boss was in Tiko for the installation.

He said the DO immediately got the senior advocate, Tumnde, behind bars. When Barrister Innocent Bonu, who is the Bar Council representative for the Southwest tried to intervene he, too, alongside Enow, were all shoved in to join Tumnde. They only regained their freedom at about 5:30 pm after Ajong’s intervention, coupled with calls to the DO from several higher quarters.

First published in The Post print edition no 01483

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