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‘Tiko Shall Never Be The Same Again, Mayor Tells Governor 

By Francis Tim Mbom

The new man at the helm of the Tiko Municipality, Daniel Moukondo Ngande, has told Southwest Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai that, Tiko, under his stewardship, “shall never be the same again!”

Mayor Moukondo told the Governor that he has come to change the face of this age-old town and give it the shine it needs, to assert its position as the gateway into the Southwest Region.

“This visit will go down into the annals of history, for we strongly believe that Tiko will never be the same again. A new era has been ushered in,” Moukondo said.

He was welcoming the Governor on January 7, to the Tiko Municipality, while the later visited the Tiko Subdivision after Muyuka and Buea, as part of his socio-economic tour of the Region, which began in December and had taken him to Ndian, Manyu and Meme. During all his stops, the Governor visited a number of companies, projects and other business ventures within each subdivision and, at the end, was given a balance sheet of the functioning of each town or municipality by the various Mayors of the council areas.

“On behalf of the dynamic people of Tiko, I heartily welcome you and your entourage and wish you a wonderful stay in our Municipality,” Moukondo told the Governor.

The Mayor presented to the Governor his envisaged plans of turning Tiko into a better place than he met. He talked of the need for Tiko to have some of its major streets tarred, construction of market stalls at the ‘Big Mop Market at Mutengene, Limbe road, and the Misselele Market and other projects which are already on-going. There is the on-going construction of stalls and other facilities at the Tiko Motor Park. These projects add up to some others which have already been achieved under the one-year reign of Moukondo as Mayor of Tiko, such as the rehabilitation and beautification of the Tiko Roundabout.

Moukondo thanked the Government for all that Tiko has received to enhance its development.

“On behalf of my people, I wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the State… for the wonderful changes effected in Fako at large and Tiko Municipality in particular during celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the Reunification of Cameroon and also to you, Mr. Governor, for standing strong to ensure the success registered during that occasion.

“Gratitude equally goes to the numerous State projects managed by the Council through decentralised funds,” Moukondo said.

The Mayor stated that he, his Councillors, staff and the population of Tiko are ready to do more to push forth with the development of Tiko if the Governor can give them the necessary support by prodding the Government to do more for them.

Mayor Moukondo said that though he and his team were determined to do what it takes to make life better for the average Tiko man, there were, nevertheless, a plethora of obstacles which can only be cleared with the help of the Southwest Governor.

“With you at the helm of the decentralisation process in the Southwest Region, your presence here today is paramount as expectations of the Tiko people are high,” Moukondo said.

“We are optimistic that you will advise us on how to use the instruments at our disposal to trigger the flow of resources from State organs and we promise to reciprocate with a judicious and meticulous implementation,” Moukondo added.

He told the Governor that in order to succeed, the Tiko Council must start benefiting from the proceeds generated by the Tiko Port.

“It should have been a great revenue-generating avenue for the development of the Tiko Municipality. Your Excellency, it is unimaginable that the Tiko Council does not receive even a dime from all the business activities that go on in her own port,” Moukondo stated.

In reaction, the Governor said: “Lord Mayor, you raised the problem of the management of the Tiko Port. I want to re-assure you that the Council cannot continue to remain (cut off) from the management of the Tiko Port. I was waiting for this moment to see what can be done for the Tiko Municipality to benefit from all the activities that take place at the Tiko Seaport,” Okalia said.

The Governor called on Chiefs to try and come into an understanding with their people over the management of lands surrendered to them by the CDC. He said it has come to notice that the surrender of land by the CDC to some communities for their development has instead led to conflicts and social tension as a result of disagreements over the manner of handling the distribution of such property by the Chiefs.

“To this end, I call on the Chiefs, opinion leaders and elite to organise themselves and take their destiny into their hands, instead of spending time fighting, quarreling and back-stabbing each other. Because, by so doing, they are the source of their own problems and should not turn round to look for pretexts to blame someone else,” Okalia said.

Okalia was responding to another problem that was raised by the Mayor concerning a protracted chieftaincy dispute that has left Mutengene without a Chief for several years now.

The Governor told the population of Tiko to remain vigilant and cooperate with the administration in ensuring that all those disturbing the peace of the town are promptly reported to security services.

The Mayor had also mentioned an increase in banditry, violence and other vices that can destabilise peace.

The visit was crowned by the award of special gifts to the Governor by the Chiefs and the Nigerian community in Tiko.

Mayor Moukondo used the occasion to wish the Governor a happy and prosperous New Year 2015.

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