Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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Tombel Community Radio Project Launched 

By Olive Ejang Ngoh

Members of the Tombel Area Cultural and Development Association, TACUDA, have launched a community radio project for the Sub-division worth FCFA 20 million. The launching ceremony took place during a TACUDA General Assembly that took place in Tombel on May 16, where close to FCFA 10 million was raised. In a fundraising that proceeded the launching, CRTV’s Rosaline Nzele Nkwelle, a TACUDAN, talked on the importance of a community radio for the Division.

She said the radio would accelerate the development of Kupe Muanenguba Division, as people would be highly informed on the happenings in Cameroon and beyond. The broadcasted said their area remained enclaved because of the absence of radio signals. She told traditional rulers and members of the civil society in Tombel that with broadcasting done mostly in the traditional languages of the area, the function of the town crier, predominant in the Division, would be eliminated.

According to Herbert Ediage, President of TACUDA, Yaounde Branch, they must start with the radio project before seeking outside help. While supporting the project with FCFA 500,000, Ediage expressed delight that their languages in the Bakossi land would be promoted. The Mayor of Tombel Council, Rose Ngassa, in her welcome speech, told TACUDANs to collaborate with the council for greater achievement.

She said her council has constructed schools, graded roads within the municipality and is presently working on water for all project. She said she hoped that with a community radio, they would be able to achieve more. According to Bob Ngujede Ngole, TACUDA President General, their association is a development partner and it was necessary they come together in a new spirit of dynamism. He said with the cosmopolitan nature of the Sub Division, TACUDA does not consider ethnical, social or gender barriers.

Kupe Mountain Race

Ngujede told members that the maiden edition of the Kupe Mountain Race that culminated in their General Assembly was undoubtedly a unifying factor. He said the Mountain race has come to bring unity amongst sons and daughters of the Sub Division.

The TACUDA President hoped the race would be an annual event, reiterating that it comes with lots of benefits to the economic environment of the area. The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, through his representative, Alfred Sone Metuge, advised the leadership of TACUDA and inhabitants of the Sub Division to remain focused. He said politics should be allowed to politicians while they concentrate on the development of the area.

The Minister’s representative said TACUDA should distance it from tribal discrimination, stating that the association is open to everybody living in the Sub Division. The Minister promised to lobby for some roads to be tarred in Tombel. He then supported the Rural Radio Project with FCFA 1 million. Meanwhile, the Director of Eden Media Group, Nhon Zachee Nzoh Ngandembou, presented a paper on "Creating a New Spirit of Commitment for Community Development Among TACUDANs."

He said if TACUDA would contribute to meaningful development, conflicts between traditional power and development committees should be avoided. He added that clans, age sets, the elders’ council and women’s council should be revitalised and reinvigorated with roles broadened to development work. He said TACUDANs across the board should fight ills such as witchcraft that scare elite from regular visits and interaction with people at home.

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