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Tourism Delegation To Partner With Councils 

By Willibroad B. Nformi

The Divisional Delegation of Tourism for Bui in the Northwest Region has been encouraged to go into partnership with municipal councils in a bid to identify and develop tourist sites. Bernard Ngone Ndodemesape, Bui Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, made the recommendation in Kumbo, Tuesday, August 17 as he made his first contact visit of the Delegation.

The SDO declared that the tourism sector is a huge resource potential which needs to be exploited. He cited Lake Awing in Mezam as one of the tourist sites that has attracted government’s attention with credits allocated for its development.

Ndodemesape instructed the Tourism Delegate to cause tourist establishments operating without permits to regularize their situation or face the wrath of the law. He said with the advent of decentralisation, municipal councils have a lot to play in developing the tourism sector. He urged the Delegate to liaise up with councils for this purpose.

Earlier in a presentation, the Bui Tourism Divisional Delegate, Audu Trifosia Yeri, highlighted her sphere of operation as spelled out by Chapter II Section 64 (1) of Presidential Decree No 2005/450 of November 9, 2005 bearing on the organisation of the tourism ministry. She catalogued the activities her delegation had so far carried out in the domain of tourism promotion in the Division.

Audu said she had already contacted some mayors for negotiation on tourist site development. She said there was hope as some mayors had expressed optimism at her proposals.
She, however, enumerated a series of difficulties encountered by her service, saying the Delegation had no other personnel apart from herself, an ill-equipped office and insufficient promotional materials amongst others.

Audu presented her action plan for 2010/2011 which includes tour of Sub-Divisions, inventory of tourist sites, organisation of seminars on reception of tourists and an inventory of traditional palaces and fondoms that can be rehabilitated for cultural tourism.

According to statistics, Bui Division has 12 tourist establishments including three leisure spots. A total of 33 sites have equally been identified in the Elak and Mbiame Council areas including the famous Lake Oku.

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