Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Trade Ministry Seizes Fake Products in Bamenda 

By Michael Ndi

CameroonPostline.com — Officials of the Ministry of Trade are hunting for fake products around the country notably, fake iron rods, paint, expired drugs, faulty scales, among others.

In the Northwest Region, beside the ubiquitous seizure of counterfeit drugs and expired goods in the market, the regional delegate of Trade, Cletus Matoya, and his subordinates have continued to auction gas bottles and cement usually hoarded by traders to create artificial  scarcity in order to increase the prices.

In addition, the department of consumer protection at the Northwest Delegation of Trade has been holding a series of meetings with some NGOs and the population, sensitising them on their rights and how to detect fake goods, faulty scales and inflated prices. In some places, the official price lists of goods are given to the population while the population is enjoined to collaborate with the officials of Delegation of Trade by reporting unscrupulous businesspersons.

The most worrying situation in the Northwest is the tonnes of fake iron rods entering the region for sale. Since the head of state’s visit to the Northwest in 2010, the rate at which houses are constructed in Bamenda in particular is alarming. Between December 2010, and march 2012, at least huge 38 multi-floor buildings have been constructed within Bamenda, and even many more bungalows have either been constructed or are being constructed.

Building material dealers have taken advantage of the high demand created by this situation to make dishonest gain by ferrying in fake building materials like iron rods, cement and paint.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the Ministry of Trade have vowed to sanction and prosecute businesspersons caught dealing in fake products.

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