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Trader Feared Dead In Kumba Market Gun Attack 

By MaxcelFokwen
A trader is feared dead following a gun attack on Endeley Street, Kumba, Southwest Region, after suspected gunmen stormed a shop around 4.00pm on Saturday, June 2.
The victim of the attack was only identified by a nick name as ‘white ’. It is reported that unidentified men visited the shop of the victim pretending to buy something, before opening fire.
At the scene, traders said, the attackers entered the shop and ordered for motorcycle spare parts. They explained that the boys reportedly opted to pay for half the cost of the goods and at the same time asked the store owner to consider the unpaid money as contribution to the separatist course in the Northwest and Southwest Regions.
The trader is said to have refused. The attackers then used a pistol to shoot him in the head.
Another version holds that the shop owner resisted an attempt to kidnap him after the visitors were done with their shopping. The gunmen, said to be three in number, are said to have demanded mostly motorcycle spare parts. They are quoted as having told their victim that they have motorcycles in the bush which have developed faults and needed repairs.
Unconfirmed reports say the trader resisted being taken to an unknown location. The attackers later shot him before emerging to intercept traffic on Endeley Street.
After the first gunshot at the trader, the gunmen escaped with a bike which they reportedly seized from a rider on duty.
Eyewitness accounts hold that the authors of the incident, escaped through Mabonguise Street, directly opposite Endeley Street. The same street is linked to Lido and Sonac Streets.
While the victim was rushed to the Kumba District Hospital, hundreds of traders on the street and parts of the Kumba Main Market popularly known as ‘back park’ shut down their businesses and rushed home.
Bikers who attempted to chase the authors of the gun attack were frightened with guns and warned not to dare put their lives on the line.
At the time of this report, The Post could not confirm if the victim was still alive or not.
Saturday’s attack comes about week after a gang reportedly attacked a building material store opposite Endeley Street on the Kumba Commercial Avenue and made away with money.
It equally comes days after theft at a credit union in Fiango and another in the Dallas neighbourhood of Meta Quarters Kumba.
The attack on the trader brings to two individuals who have been attacked in Kumba on their job sites. On April 25, this year, a similar attack on GBHSKosalaKumba resulted in the death of Thomas AshuNkongho who was the Discipline Master of the school.
However, the Meme administration is yet to make an official statement on the incident.

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