Friday, November 16, 2018
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Tradi-practitioner Donates To Prison Inmates 

By Divine Ngoh & Nwunfor Babila N.*

A tradi-practitioner, Dr. Richard Fru, recently donated 12 bags of rice to inmates of the Buea Central Prison.

While handing over the gift, Dr. Fru, proprietor of Garden of Eden Institute of Natural Medicine, GAEINAMED, told the inmates to consider their time in prison as a "rod to correct their wrong deeds." He said prison should be treated as a place for change, a platform where one could re-organise his/her life for the better. Emphasizing that the inmates are not lost cases, Fru exhorted them to keep the faith, to think high of themselves and to avoid indulging in more illegalities while in prison.

The tradi-practitioner gave the inmates some tips on hygiene such as avoiding wearing dirty clothes. He encouraged the inmates to check their food and water for bacteria, which he says, might cause stomach upsets. He also told the inmates to care for their environment.
He also advised the inmates to be prayerful, saying it helps to keep the faith against an eventual outing.

In a question-and-answer session, one inmate complained of lack of soap and detergent to keep their clothes clean. Another inmate complained of blood in his faeces, while another said his bed was infested with bugs. Dr. Fru addressed the inmates’ concerns, saying that inmates with health issues should be issued a pass so they can consult at his cabinet in Mile 18, Buea. He, however, cautioned the inmates that a lot of their health issues could be done away with through common hygiene.

The inmates, through their spokesperson, Eric Chum, thanked Dr. Fru for his donation and words of inspiration. On behalf of his inmates, he promised to be good citizens back in society.
The representative of the Prison Superintendent, Chief Wardress, Elizabeth Fon, commended Dr. Fru for adding to the inmates’ ration. Talking to The Post later, Dr. Fru said, the warm reception given to him by the inmates has spurred him to continue with his philanthropic gesture. He also distributed flyers of his recent ‘Try- me’ or ‘The Balm of Africa’ product.

(UB Journalism Students On Internship)

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