By Maxcel Fokwen

Francis Makia, Traditional Council Head of Dikome Bafaw Village, Konye Sub Division, was on Wednesday, January 10, detained at the Konye Gendarmerie brigade for failing to serve convocations to locals in the settlement.

Makia is said to have reacted based on instructions from the Traditional Ruler, Akama Elango.
Chief Elango is said to have intercepted the serving of the convocation, claiming the matter that triggered the issuance of the convocation was being handled at his level.

The matter concerns the payment of certain village demands as proceeds from the scooping of a quarry in the said village.

Victor Nnoko, a businessman is said to have engaged in the exploitation of a quarry in the village since 2015 till date,without paying a dime to the settlers.
Reports hold that, youths rose against Nnoko’s activities in the village and the Chief opted to mediate.

Nnoko is reported to have been requested to pay Dikome Bafaw FCFA 1,500 for every trip of sand estimated to cost FCFA 120,000.
Added to this, Nnoko was expected to feed the entire village.He is said to have rather visited the gendarmes and reported that some youths in the village were interrupting his activities.
The gendarmes, thus, issued the convocations through the Council Head to get those accused to respond to the accusations.

But, the Gendarmes could not understand why the village Council Head failed to serve the convocations and this led to his arrest and detention. It took but the intervention of the Chief for Makia to be released.