Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Traditional Doctor Prosecuted After Patient’s Death 

By Jude Njinjuh E.

A traditional doctor in Nchang village in Manyu Division of the South West region, Ayuk Benedict Eyoung, has been prosecuted after a patient he was treating died suddenly.

The 18-year-old female patient, believed to have been possessed with marine spirit, is reported to have been brought to Ayuk Benedict on 3 July 2014 for healing. She is said to have been responding to treatment when she suddenly stopped talking, and refusing to eat. The patient later died on 5 July 2014 while the traditional doctor had gone out. The traditional doctor was accused of having caused the death of the patient. An irate crowd of villagers and family members of the deceased stormed his house and burnt it down including his shrine.

Eyewitnesses said when Ayuk returned home to find his house on flames, the population fell on him and gave him the beatings of his life. Two days after on 7 July 2014, Ayuk Benedict is said to have been summoned by the police who detained and seriously tortured him. Sources say when his condition deteriorated he was rushed to the hospital where he was hospitalised for two weeks.

Sources disclosed to us that after being discharged from the hospital, Ayuk was again whisked off to police custody. The family members of the deceased are said to have also brought up allegations that Ayuk Benedict was a ardent member of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, political party and had been holding meetings and mobilising the youth against the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM.

After spending 10 days in police detention, Ayuk was then arraigned before the court in Mamfe on 15 September 2014. His lawyer reportedly pleaded for an adjournment of the case which was adjourned for 28 October 2014, but without bail for the accused.
However, before the case came up again on 28 October 2014, the police are reported to have said that the accused had escaped from custody. The police officer on duty is being accused of having been bribed to release Ayuk Benedict. But he is said to be standing his grounds that the accused escaped without his knowledge.

Meanwhile, since his escape from police custody, the whereabouts of the traditional doctor is not known. Because of his escape and failure to show up in court on 28 October 2014, a warrant of arrest has been issued for Ayuk Benedict Eyoung, through his lawyer. The forces of law and order have thus mounted a serious manhunt for him. He could be convicted for manslaughter and also risks being lynched by the villagers if he shows up.

It would be noted that Ayuk Benedict is said to have inherited his traditional medicine abilities from his grandfather, who passed it onto him before his death.