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Traditional Medicine Is Backed By WHO 

By Wallter Wilson Nana — Dr. Richard Fru, tradi-practitioner at the Dr. Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing & Research Foundation, Buea, has stated that the World Health Organisation, WHO, is fully behind traditional medicine.

Dr Fru addressing Journalists at the press conference

He was addressing the press on the occasion of the 10th African Traditional Medicine Day (August 31) at his Garden of Eden premises. According to Dr. Fru, traditional medicine is the mother of all medicine and that the world lives on traditional medicine. The WHO, he said, going by statistics, hold that, more than 80 percent of the world’s population depends on traditional medicine.

“WHO has persistently invited member States to integrate traditional medicine into their National Health Systems and promote its use,” he said. He said the WHO authorises the promotion and employment of aggressive publicity on traditional medicine, while castigating some pharmaceutical companies across the world for frustrating publicity on traditional medicine because they feel threatened when traditional medicines are advertised.

“Imagine a situation whereby a desperate patient whose solution lies only with a traditional doctor and has nobody who knows that doctor. Without communication, no one will have access to the most needed information. The Bible is a medium wherein God is made known to mankind. Is that advertisement?” Dr. Fru quipped.

“Imagine what would have happened to the population if there were no aggressive media campaigns against HIV/AIDS,” he maintained. He expressed satisfaction on the increasing acceptance of traditional medicine in the world today, justifying this year’s theme; “African Traditional Medicine Day: What Impact?” To him, tradi-practitioners have joined WHO to alleviate human pain and suffering.

“Traditional medicines work indirectly to revitalise the human system, to give vim and vitality and build the immune system,” he said. He described traditional medicines as being spiritual and holistic, adding that they cannot be tested in the laboratory because traditional medicines do not kill a germ. “Our medicines are geared towards building the immune system,” he explained.

He averred that the traditional medicine, like the Bible, is based on tradition and the truth, while acknowledging that there are also a lot of charlatans in the field. He appealed for a strong collaboration between traditional practitioners and conventional doctors in Cameroon, citing some success stories of his collaboration with some conventional doctors in Cameroon, Ghana, France and Germany. “If there is no collaboration between the two, we cannot move the health sector forward,” he said.

At the close of the press conference, Dr. Fru also offered gifts to some needy persons in Buea municipality, and presented his new medicines to the press corps. These included; Africa Energy Tea, Try-Me, Biodras, Neutractiva Gold Tea, Dr. Fru’s Oil, Microbin 2011, Sourbitters, Anti-Oxy-Toxin, Tridesol and The Tea of Wisdom. In the last AU Head of States meeting, the period 2011 – 2020 was declared second decade of traditional medicine with recommendation for member countries to develop the practice.

First published in The Post print edition no 01373

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