Thursday, October 29, 2020
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Traditional Ruler Bars Jobless Parent From Employment Opportunity 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Chief Elango Akama of Dikomi Bafaw in Meme Division, Southwest Region, on April 28, barred a jobless parent, Francoise Minang, from picking up a dream job of Parent Teachers Association, PTA, President of GBHS Kumba Station.

Akama prevailed over Minang at the polls as both aspirants premiered their candidatures for the PTA job.
Akama got a majority of the votes cast against Minang’s expectations.

Despite losing to the traditional ruler, Minang, who thought he was going to be automatically made Vice President was shocked when delegates at the elections rejected his opinion.

As delegates went into another round of voting, a new Vice PTA Chairperson from different nominees later shouted in French that he was a jobless parent and so should be considered for the position.

Minang shouted ‘je suis chômeur’ to the hearing of the delegates and the Divisional Officer for Kumba I, Charles Duala Fomumbod.

Duala declared that the position of PTA President or other executive positions are not meant for jobless people.

A wave of condemnation from parents followed the DO’s intervention. According to them, Minang unilaterally nominated himself for the position.

A few minutes after the declaration of the results, Minang, who claimed to be jobless, left the hall with another man and zoomed off in a jeep, while the process was yet to be completed.

Francophone /Anglophone Politics

Minutes to the elections, many had hoped that parents of Francophone expression were going to use the massive presence of their children in school to pick up most of the PTA executive positions, but the contrary happened.

Anglophone parents made a smart exploit at the polls.

It turned out that a certain Abdulai who reportedly petitioned the former PTA executive and school administration was positioned to pick the job. Yet, he too crashed under administrative grilling on whether he pays fees for his children or not.

The Principal of the school, Andrew Tazi Mbenchou, raised an objection to the fact that, as a disable parent, Government waves fees for children of the likes of Abdulai, but the later argued that he pays fees for other students in the same school and the children are living with him.

Pockets of arguments erupted between the parent and the DO. The mounting tension spoiled the game plan of the Francophone camp.

Former Executive Confused

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the elections, which came on the premise of a Ministerial Order of September 2016 suspending the former executive, the out-gone PTA President, Mola Mbua, said he has only been informed about the said letter, but is yet to be served with a copy.

On the allegations of embezzlement looming over the former PTA Bureau, Mbua pointed to projects executed under his mandate in the school, arguing that he did his best.

The controversy came shortly after the questionable dropping of the former Principal of the school, Rudolf Nganda Niaba, from his position.

Since then, allegations of investigations into missing millions of PTA funds have been making the rounds in Meme.