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Traditional Rulers Take Measures To Mitigate Climate Change 

By Chris Mbunwe

Members of the Cameroon Traditional Rulers against Climate Change, CAMTRACC, met in Bambui Fon’s palace, Friday, April 15, and took various measures to reduce global warning.
Meeting against the backdrop of drastic drops in crop production that has caused hikes in prices of food stuff, the Fons recommended re-afforestation and protection of water sources in all the Fondoms.

According to CAMTRACC National President, Fon Gwan Mbanyamsig, the burning of fossil fuels by vehicles, coal burning by power plants, emissions from the industrial factories as well as large-scale deforestation have caused an increase in Earth’s temperature. Rainfall pattern, he noted, is shifting, causing loss of moisture, occurrence of thunderstorms, floods and rising of sea levels, which may ultimately see many coastal settlements inundated.

Faced with all these problems, Fon Mbanyamsig cautioned, "we should mitigate climate change at all levels, if not, we will get up one day and see everything around us different because  even a slight rise in the earth’s surface temperature causes drops of food production, fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants that are much valued  by our tradition."

The Fon said the world’s leading atmospheric scientists have revealed that global warming will continue, as such this long term warning trend poses "even greater risks to many nations, particularly poorer countries that will be far less able to cope with a changing climate and low-lying countries where sea level rise will cause significant damage."

He acknowledged that though much is being done to reduce the emission of green house gases, the efforts are still not enough. "Cameroon Government must remember that climate change has a creeping effect on the economy and can further hurt the already fragile agricultural system, and before government intervention, let’s join our hands to chase away climate change from our communities,"  Mbanyamsig said.

The host Angafor Mombooh III, Fon of Bambui, in an earlier speech, said nobody is spared of this monster global warming, saying the ozone layer is becoming thinner and thinner as a result of human activities. He advised local farmers against the burning of "ankaras" and expressed fears that with the prolonged dry season in the Northwest, there might be poor harvest and consequently, famine this year. 

"That is why we as traditional rulers in Cameroon, have decided to take the bull by the horns and we must live up to the expectations of our people." Tubah Deputy Mayor, Boniface Chikelem, promised council support to the Fons. He said much is being done at the level of the council in partnership with Voluntary Service Overseas, VSO, that have been organising seminars with quarter heads in Tubah municipality.

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