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Traditional Leaders Should Promote Culture 

By Eulalia Amabo Nchang

CameroonPostline.com — Arts and Culture Minister, Ama Tutu Muna, has said cultural values can only be promoted by traditional leaders who are the custodians of our culture. She made the remark while signing a partnership convention between the Ministry of Arts and Culture and the National Council of Traditional Leaders in Cameroon.

The Minister said the signing of the convention is to encourage the protection, conservation and enrichment of cultural patrimony as confirmed in decree No 2012/381 of September 14, 2012.
To her, the conservation of cultural values can be attained through chiefs who are the traditional leaders of our villages. “Traditional chiefs are the most represented and respected in our villages and local communities.

They are the watchmen and custodian of our traditions. Traditional leaders are not only important associates but equally help in the promotion of our cultures. They are, therefore, the conservators of our cultural heritage,” Ama Tutu stated. She further explained that the convention will help in the realisation of news reports and other audio-visual productions of varied traditions, financial and technical support for the rehabilitation of our cultures, technical assistance to personnel in the different museums in the chiefs’ palaces and so on.

“Many traditional leaders have amazing museums which need financial and technical support. The signing of this convention will enable us work on legal basis while giving more recognition to these amazing museums,” the Minister said. She concluded by urging the traditional leaders to continue in the process of the conservation of our cultural heritage, especially through the sensitisation of local communities.

“No one can doubt the efforts that the National Council of Traditional Leaders of Cameroon will make towards the promotion of the cultural diversity of our country,” she noted. It should be recalled that in 2005, the Ministry of Arts and Culture signed a convention for the protection and promotion of cultural diversities within the country.

First published in The Post print edition no 01421

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