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Tribute to Late Dr. Gumne, SCAPO Chairman 

By Martin Fon Yembe



Martin Fon Yembe

Martin Yembe


I learnt of the passing on of my uncle and political mentor, Pa Kevin Ngwang Gumne an hour after his demise on the night of Saturday, October 3, 2015 with a heavy and confused heart and mind. I lost both parents when I was in very terrible difficulties and still went through especially with the moral guides of the likes of Pa Kevin. Now, he too, like my mother, his sister, and my biological dad, is gone. I have been very close to Dr. Kevin Ngwang Gumne on many fronts in the struggle for veritable development, veritable social democracy and veritable freedom and independence.

I worked with him when he was the President of SASH (during which period he solicited and obtained funds for the construction of the giant structures we now have in Tabenken, Binka, Ndu etc for the welfare of women’s activities. I worked with Dr. Gumne when he was a top official of the SDF’s NEC as Chairman of the strategic Commission on Social Economic and Rural Development and I was Provincial Organizing secretary and Provincial Chairman. Unfortunately, he was not retained at the 1999 Yaounde National Convention.

Dr. Kevin Gumne

Late Dr Kevin Gumne

I worked with this self-less freedom fighter when he championed the legal pursuit of the Southern Cameroons’ half a century pathetic molestation and cultural rape. I was there in Lagos when he headed the 12-man delegation that won the case at the Abuja High Court in 2002…reason why he chose me as his Secretary General, a position I held until some of his closest collaborators decided to transform his
organization into a political party. It is at that point that I stepped out of SCAPO given that I am a full-fledged militant of another legalized political party in Cameroon, the SDF.

On a more social level, I lived with Dr. Kevin Ngwang Gumne in Lagos at the Park View Estate from 2003 to 2005 while studying journalism over there. He guided me enormously on issues of social democracy and freedom for the people. He made me to understand that if you do nothing, nobody will blackmail or envy you, and if you do something good, be ready to have millions of devils at your heels, but that I should never waver from what is Good, True and Just for posterity will judge us only on what we did with the opportunities we had in society.

As we bid Pa Gumne farewell, I know one thing, that those who are playing hot and cold with the things that are straight will one day reap cold and hot. He might not have been satisfied with the level he had taken his struggle for freedom to, but I wish to assure his soul that there are many paths that leads a missing child from the thick evil forest…since God is always with him! Adieu Daddy Kevin.

About the author: Martin Fon Yembe is the 1st Deputy Mayor of the Ndu Council