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Troops Facilitate Installation Of Mbonge Marumba Chief 

By Olive Ejang Ngoh

A contingent of police, gendarmes and soldiers from Meme and Ndain Divisions, June 20, facilitated the installation of Daniel Matta Mokambe as Second Class Chief of Mbonge Marumba.

The coronation, which took place at the chief’s palace, was practically overseen by soldiers from Ekondo Titi alongside police and gendarme officers who paraded all the streets of the village for two days to pre-empt any demonstration from angry villagers.

The Mbonge Council security was equally present at the event.
The Meme Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Magliore Abath Zangbwala, after chairing the Mbonge Council session on June 19, had slept in the village to ensure a hitch-free coronation.
The Post learnt that the SDO decided to use the military because some disgruntled king makers had planned to disrupt the installation with a blood bath.

The king makers had expressed their disagreement a week ago that Mokambe II was an unpopular choice.
One Emmanuel Ebako Sakwe who claimed to be the Traditional Council head had stated that during Zangbwala’s first consultative talks on May 23, 2008, 10 king makers chose Joachim Mokwe Ngambe, while only four were in favour of Mokambe II.

Sakwe recalled that on July 7, 2008, the SDO stormed Mbonge Marumba with heavily armed troops and appointed Mokambe II as Second Class Chief against the wish of the people.
He accused the SDO of working under the influence of bribery and corruption by violating the Mbonge tradition of rotational chieftaincy instead of hereditary.

Sakwe said they have petitioned the Southwest Governor, the Prime Minister and even the Supreme Court on the matter, but they only turned deaf ears to their plea.

It is for this reason that the king makers together with several elite of the village opposed to Mokambe boycotted his installation.
No traditional juju displayed at the coronation ceremony.

At the June 20 installation, Councillor J.U. Misori, Chairman of the Mbonge Marumba Traditional Council under Chief Mokambe II, stated that chieftaincy in Mbonge is not hereditary.

Misori maintained that Mokambe II was chosen like any Mbonge child who has the right to the throne and not because he was the son of the late chief.
He intimated that their new chief stood for elections and came out the best.
Misori appealed to the villagers to bury their hatchets and give peace and prosperity a chance so that they can jointly foster the development of Mbonge Marumba.

Meanwhile, the SDO enjoined the people to rally behind their new chief and shun distraction from repressive elements.
He told the new chief not to discriminate in while executing his duties, but to use wit to demonstrate that he is the better choice.

The Post caught up with Bernard Nangonda, one kingmaker, who boycotted the coronation ceremony questioned how a chief’s installation would take place with troops crawling all over the village.

"Even if Mokambe is installed, he can’t rule anybody in this village. To be installed is one thing and to rule the people is another. Why did the administration decide to impose him on us?" said Nangonda.

On his part, Mokambe II told the press that the administration installed him in respect of the law. He said he would embark on educating his people because many things go wrong because of ignorance.
In his mid-thirties, Mokambe is Mbonge CDC Estate Manager.

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