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Truck Crushes 4 Persons, Injures Several 

By Yvonne Massa Ako

A 20-ton truck crushed four people and injured several others when its brakes failed along the Mutnegene-Likomba Road in Tiko at about 6.00pm on Tuesday, January 13.

According to the Divisional Officer, DO, for Tiko, Patrick Che; “The truck lost its brakes from Mutengene but the driver had to force his way down here (to Tiko), hitting three other vehicles. In the process, four persons died including two civil servants, one student from ENIET in Limbe and a taxi driver. Actually two people died on the spot and the other two died on the way to the hospital,” said Che, adding that; “two victims are presently in the hospital but their situation is not critical, that’s the situation for now,” Che stated.

Stanley Ebai, a worker of Chariot Communication, who witnessed the accident, told The Post he was setting up amplifiers in Likomba and had just climbed down from the pole on which he was working.

“I heard a loud sound behind me and when I turned I discovered that a 20-ton truck had lost its brakes and the truck hit my bike packed beside the road and a taxi with about seven passengers on board, killing four of them on the spot.” Ebai declared.

According to another eyewitness, Larinette Anaka, the truck also destroyed some electric cables in Likomba leading to total blackout in the area.Reckage of accident

“I saw sparks from the cables and people started screaming. A SONEL worker present at the scene called out that power should be switched off,” said Anaka. She added that she did not know the cause of the accident but the outcome was very fatal as the victims were charred beyond recognition, with some parts of their bodies totally dislocated.

Meanwhile, a businessman, Emile Zabe, present during the incident, said; “It was about 6.00 pm when I heard a loud noise. When we rushed out to see what had happened, we discovered that a 20-ton truck had lost its brakes and crushed a taxi and a private car that were beside the road. We saw people lying on the ground, among them a female taxation worker that was killed instantly,” Emile Zabe narrated.

At the Cameroon Baptist Convention Hospital, Mutengene, where two of the victims were ferried, the Medical Doctor, Eric Ndassi, said he was too busy to talk to The Post but that one of the victims was referred to Laquintini in Douala while the other, a 30-year-old student of a Teachers’ Training College is currently receiving treatment in the same hospital.

Meanwhile, the truck driver was taken to the Tiko Gendarmerie to help in investigations to ascertain the cause of the accident.

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