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True Confession :The Trials of Pastor Jimmy 

By A Concerned Christian*

Five years ago, I was a Catholic Christian. But I suddenly realised that the Roman Catholic Church increasingly failed to satisfy my spirituals needs, reason why I went shopping for a new church.

Within the last five years, I have been member of six different Pentecostal churches. I left the first five churches because the leaders failed woefully to practice what they preached. Corruption, power struggles, backstabbing, witchcraft, sexual promiscuity and excessive greed are some of the grave ills which made it impossible for me to stay in churches that I had joined to gain salvation.

My sixth church, however, has been different mainly because the pastor is a man of integrity. When I first met Pastor Jimmy at the funeral of a former classmate, I knew there was something special about him. When he spoke to me about his mission to save souls for Christ, the spirit moved in me. That is how I became one of the early members of his new church.

Although I refused to be anointed a prayer warrior or deacon because I wanted to first fortify myself spiritually, I was one of the most active Christians in the church. Whenever I had any spare time, I was either helping Pastor Jimmy – who is in my age group – or doing one thing or the other for the church. Because of my active participation in church activities, I am one of the most informed members of my church about our activities and the various attitudes of the Christians.

As it so happens, humans often try to set agendas different from the purpose of the Almighty. That is why Jews saw in Jesus Christ a political leader whose mission was to free them from Roman domination, rather than to sacrifice his life to wash away the sins of the world. In the case of our church, public attention quickly turned to issues unrelated to Pastor Jimmy’s vision.

In fact, from the early days of the church, more news was going around about a handsome unmarried born again pastor who just started a new church; than of a powerful prayer warrior and spiritual leader longing to win souls for Christ.

Evidence could be seen in the number of new young women arriving to fill the pews each week in our congregation. Each Sunday service brought a new bale. Friday counselling and deliverance sessions were worse. The queues waiting to meet Pastor Jimmy were mostly made of smart-looking women – perhaps some of the finest picks in town. They mostly came packaged in very alluring outfits that would drive any ordinary man crazy.

This sudden turn of events got many elderly Christians worried about the spiritual growth of the church. What reassured many was the fact that the Pastor, prayerful as always, seemed to be putting up well with the situation. Irrespective of the counselling motives and glamorous looks of the beautiful women, he tried to stick to the spiritual side of things. So the integrity of the spiritual movement seemed to survive for a while.

During these early days of the church, Pastor Jimmy was living at the home of an influential widow in church. Sister Kay was moved by the spirit to help lodge Pastor after she won a lucrative contract just a few days following a special fasting and deliverance service in church.

As a matter of fact, Pastor Jimmy had prophesied during the fasting programme that someone was going to get a contract. When the prophecy materialised, the elderly woman opted to house Pastor Jimmy in her boys’ quarters – most of her children being abroad. Pastor Jimmy moved to live with Sister Kay and her pretty 23-year-old daughter.

His stay at the home seemed to have been a remarkable blessing to the family. Sister Kay’s business grew by leaps and bounds while her beautiful daughter secured a job in one of the powerful insurance companies in town. Sister Kay’s family had become so fond of the man of God to the extent that it was so difficult to part ways with them when the church board finally found an apartment for Pastor Jimmy near the church house.

To be honest, if not of my complete faith in Pastor Jimmy, I would have suspected him of having something with Jupiter, Sister Kay’s daughter. This was even more so because Jupiter was pleasing to my eyes and, being a bachelor, I entertained thoughts of her one day becoming my life partner.

At one point, Jupiter appeared in my dreams twice in one week. The frequency eventually increased, and before I knew it, I was not only dreaming about her every night; I was thinking about her all the time, a development that almost destroyed my spiritual life.

To confront the problem, I approached Pastor Jimmy.

‘Were they dreams or visions?’ he asked.

‘I really don’t know Pastor,’ I replied. ‘I prayed over it and I still keep having them. I think it is a message from God.’

Pastor Jimmy was pensive for a while, pacing around and lost in prayerful thought. Eventually he broke the silence. ‘I don’t think those were visions. They were mere dreams,’ he said calmly. ‘If they had been visions, God would also have revealed the message to Jupiter.’

Before I could digest what he had said, Pastor Jimmy asked, ‘Did you do anything with her in those dreams?’

‘How do you mean Pastor?’

‘Were those dreams in any way immoral in nature?’

‘Hmmm,hmmmm,’ I stammered. ‘We often hold hands Pastor. Sometimes we kiss.’

Pastor Jimmy lost his cool. ‘You kissed Jupiter? You sinful hypocrite,’ he screamed before launching an avalanche of expletives about my sick and perverted mind.

‘I don’t have a sick mind Pastor,’ I protested. ‘And I didn’t kiss Jupiter. I’m talking about a dream, Pastor.’

 ‘Then you are possessed by the Demon of Fornication. You come to church everyday, and every minute you are committing sin against the flesh,’ he shouted and walked away.

My faith was seriously tried. I wondered why Pastor Jimmy got so angry when I had only brought a spiritual problem to him for a solution to be found. If I was possessed by a demon, why didn’t he try to exorcise the demon? Perhaps he was not the angel he was passing himself off for, I thought.

But later that day, my faith was restored. Pastor Jimmy called me on my mobile phone and we met for a long prayer session, during which he tried to cast away my demons. Although it was not completely successful, the frequency of my dreams about Jupiter have since reduced.

When Pastor Jimmy moved into his new home in the vicinity of the church, all of our Christians were overjoyed. Pastor Jimmy therefore became exposed to greater generosity from Christians. Families gladly sent foodstuff across while a great deal of young converts opted to help with the Pastor’s house chores.

At any given time at Pastor Jimmy’s house, there was virtual rivalry, especially among young women, on who could help the Pastor better. Sister X would be doing the laundry, Sister Y would be cooking lunch and Sister Z would be busy cleaning the house and putting things in order in the Pastor’s room. Some mothers virtually offered their daughters to be completely at the service of the pastor.

This new trend brought the spiritual life of Pastor Jimmy under direct attack. All that the pastor had to see in his home were young women competing for his attention. A concerned elder in the church board recommended that a house-help be employed to assist Pastor with domestic duties.

But another elder was quick to dismiss the proposal claiming it would be improper to have someone paid for a job that benevolent Christians were ready to do for free. In reaction to the debate, Pastor Jimmy asked the elders to pray the good Lord to help him find a loving wife so as to put an end to all the pressure. Said in good faith, Pastor Jimmy however seemed ignorant of the immense challenge he just set for himself.

‘Pastor Jimmy is looking for a wife.’ That is the gossip which spread like wildfire both among Christians and out of the church. The immediate effects became perceptible. Hordes of young women flocked to our church to be baptised.

Young women flaunted and tried the best catwalks during offertory time; more sassy female domestic volunteers cooked and cleaned at Pastor Jimmy’s and more requests for counselling and deliverance came from the womenfolk. On one occasion Pastor Jimmy preached on marriage and the power of prayer in choosing a life partner. In the altar-call that followed, almost every young woman in the congregation responded.

From a more spectacularly intimate angle, Jupiter showered Pastor Jimmy with some of the finest gifts: expensive perfumes, men’s briefs, shirts, and shoes. With every new gift she offered Pastor came a wanton attitude to impose on the gang of domestic cleaners and cooks. This sowed a tensed atmosphere in the parsonage while numerous personality conflicts spread inside the church.

Pastor Jimmy appeared to be prayerfully taking all these in his strides until one fateful Friday evening when a conspicuously pretty young woman came for deliverance and entered a trance. With her case getting complicated, Pastor Jimmy requested the other candidates for deliverance to come the next day.

After hours of casting and binding, she finally woke up late in the night in tears saying she won’t return home where she claimed the demons at the centre of her predicament dwelt. Her sole plea was to stay the night in church. With the numerous pleas from prayer warriors to have her return home futile, Pastor Jimmy offered to have her stay the night at the visitor’s room in his house. From one night, it became days.

Her deliverance seemed to require more time. Then days became weeks. Meanwhile, the story changed. She became the domestic volunteer-in-chief. Before any other schemer could make it to the parsonage, the laundry was already done; the floor was mopped and sparkling with breakfast already served and a simmering pot of soup getting set for lunch. Pastor Jimmy became more organised and suave. He appeared to be enjoying it.

Women in the church went crazy. For many, it was a scandal they won’t stand by and watch. They could not stand down and have their darling Pastor Jimmy entrapped in the “devilish scam of a desperate husband-hunter”. Sister Kay was particularly mad. She championed the group that succeeded to get the so-called young adventurer out of the Pastor’s house. But it seemed too late. The young woman had touched Pastor Jimmy on a soft spot. Being a man who wanted to be seen as doing things right, Pastor Jimmy decided to make his plans known.

‘Brethren I am happy to announce to you that God has answered my prayer for a life partner,’ Pastor Jimmy said before benediction about two months after the young lady was ejected from his home. ‘I have proposed to Mira and by God’s grace we will be married before March 2012,’ he announced confidently.

The mention of ‘Mira’ caused a stir in the congregation. Pastor Jimmy never had the chance to say the final blessing anymore. The congregation was split over Pastor Jimmy’s choice. While some respected the decision of a man of character, others swore to save the great spiritual leader from what they termed the ‘grip of an adventurer’. From that day, the harmony in our congregation has never been the same. I am therefore pleading with Christians of goodwill to please pray for our church and for our dear pastor.

*Name withheld on request

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