Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Tubah Council Donates Taps, Scholarships To Sabga 

By Chris Mbunwe

The population of some four communities in Sabga have heaved a sigh of relief following the inauguration of four taps donated to them by the SDF-run Tubah Council, Mezam Division.
In his inaugural speech at the occasion Monday, June 22, the Divisional Officer of Tubah Subdivision, Mbokaya Ashu, said the twin projects of the council donating water to Sabga community and scholarships worth FCFA 600,000 to 60 students from Bambili, Bambui, Kedjum-ketinguh and Kedjum-keku cannot leave the Administration indifferent.

"Since the Mayor was voted into office 2007, he is not sleeping as he has been realising one project after another. Some will say he is preparing good campaign material and there is nothing wrong in that provided all these projects go to improve on the wellbeing of our people.

The administration will stand by the Mayor and his team all the time," Mbokaya said. He said the water is serving both the CPDM, SDF and others, even those who hate the party at the helm of Tubah council. The CPDM Subsection President of Sabga, Alhadj Musa Nuhu, lavished praises on Mayor Stanilus Sofa and promised that the water taps will be protected.

In the same vein, the Lamido of Sabga, Mamudou Sabga, said it is the first of its kind for his population to receive such projects from Tubah council. He also promised total collaboration.
The SDF Electoral District Chairman of Tubah, Lumumba Mukong advised the beneficiary communities to take proper care of the taps and surroundings so that instead of the council coming to repair damage done to the water scheme, the money could be channelled to other development projects.

According to the Tubah Mayor, the absence of water in these communities brought a lot of nightmare to the populations who have been fetching water from mucky streams. He said the water scheme cost the council FCFA 3 million being money from market dues, reasons why he called on the population especially traders  and cattle breeders to pay taxes promptly for the money to be ploughed back into their communities in form of projects.

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