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Tumi, Priests To Attend Congress Of Charismatic Renewal 

By Joe Dinga Pefok
— Archbishop Emeritus Christian Cardinal Tumi and several Catholic priests and Christians will Wednesday, August 1-5, attend the National Congress of the Charismatic Renewal at the Bamenda Cathedral.

Cardinal Tumi

In a chat with The Post in Douala on July 27, the National President of the Charismatic Renewal Movement in the Catholic Church in Cameroon, Valere Francis Baliaba, explained that the movement has as objective to foster God’s work, both in the Church and in society. Baliaba said the movement is open to all interested priests and Christians in the 25 Catholic Dioceses across the country.

Asked why it is only now that the movement, which has been existing in the Catholic Church in Cameroon, is to hold its national congress in Anglophone Cameroon, Baliaba was quick to explain that it was only a few years ago that the movement finally had a national structure.

He said for some 30 years, the Charismatic Renewal was existing in the Catholic Church in Cameroon only at the level of the diocese. Baliaba said with the creation of a national structure some 10 years ago, the national congress is now being organised after every two years. He said the Bamenda Congress will be the 4th National Congress of the Charismatic Renewal.

The first congress held in Bafoussam, the second in Yaounde, while Douala hosted the third congress two years ago. The National Congress of the Charismatic Renewal will be holding in Anglophone Cameroon for the first time under the theme: “You are the Salt of the Earth – You are the Light of the World”. 

The theme is taken from the message (Africae Modus) which Pope Benedict XV1 delivered to priests and others during his last visit to Africa, which was to the Republic of Benin. The welcome ceremony of the National Congress of the Charismatic Renewal will take place in the evening of July 31 with a mass service officiated by Mgr. Agapitus Nfon, Auxiliary Bishop of the Bamenda Archdiocese.

The Archbishop of Bamenda, Mgr. Cornelius Esua, will officiate a solemn mass in the morning of August 3, which will also serve as the opening ceremony of the congress. The first presentation at the congress tilted, Calls To Build A Just World –Africae Modu, will be presented by the National Chaplain of the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church in Cameroon, Mgr. Christophe Zoa, Bishop of Sangmelima.

There will be other presentations during the congress by priests, among whom will be Mgr. Sosthene Leopold Bayemi Matjei, Bishop of Obala, Rev. Father Jean Pierre Batoum of the Douala Archdiocese, Father Bernardin Nsom of the Bamenda Archdiocese, Rev. Father Andrew Nkea of the Major Seminary Bambui, Rev. Father Marc Makani of the Yaounde Archdiocese, and Rev. Father Patrick Nkouchou of the Bafoussam Diocese. 

In addition, there will be presentations by the laity in the Catholic Church and workshops with one of the topics being, Dialogue in the Family and Christian Groups as well as a workshop for priests on intercession ministry, and evangelisation campaigns.

Another major highlight of the congress will be special mass services in the evenings. The Bishop of Kumbo, Mgr. George Nkou, will officiate at the evening mass on Thursday, August 2, while the Bishop of Mamfe, Mgr. Francis Teke Lysinge, will be the officiating priest at the evening mass on Friday, August 3.

Before that evening mass, the Chaplain of Charismatic Renewal in Buea Diocese, Rev. Father Elias Menunjo, will animate the worship of the Sacred Sacrament by midday on that Friday. Rev. Father Ernest Tubuo Timchia will proceed with an evangelisation campaign in the evening of Saturday, August 4. The last special evening mass will be officiated that Saturday evening by Mgr. Christophe Zoa. 

Meanwhile, there will be a plenary session of the congress at 8.30 am on Sunday, August 5, at which resolutions will be adopted. This will be followed at 10.30 am by a solemn closing mass, at which Cardinal Tumi will be the officiating priest.

First published in The Post print edition no. 01363

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